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DR ELLIE CANNON: Should the GP have predicted my heart attack?

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DR ELLIE CANNON: Should the GP have seen that my heart attack was imminent? The nurse at my doctor’s surgery measured my blood pressure as 162/84, en, deciding it was high, advised me to take a monitor home and reco...

Georgia Guidestones are blown up in mysterious attack

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Georgia Guidestones dubbed 'America's Stonehenge' and believed to be 'satanic tablets' by far-right conspiracy theorists are blown up in mystery attackThe explosion took place Wednesday and was caused by 'unknown ind...

British Army is hit by a cyber attack, tweeting about ape-themed NFTs

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Huge embarrassment for the British Army as it is hit by a cyber attack after its social media account begins tweeting about ape-themed NFTs in security scareArmy's Twitter posted a storm of tweets promoting competiti...

Oekraïense magte val Snake-eiland aan om Russiese vragmotor te vernietig

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Steek in die stert! Die oomblik toe Oekraïense magte Snake-eiland aanval om Russiese toerusting wat op die strategiese buitepos gelaat is te vernietig Dramatiese video wys aanval op Snake-eiland om Russiese toerusting te vernietig Oekraïens Bayrakt...

Ex-aide shares Melania’s refusal to send tweet during January 6 aanval

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'No': Melania Trump's very blunt response when her Chief of Staff Stephanie Grisham asked her if she would tweet saying there is 'no place for lawlessness or violence' during the Capitol riotMelania Trump's former Ch...

Skokkende oomblik wat bende motor met vragmotor toeslaan om insittendes wreed aan te val

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Groot skare lok 'n motor in 'n lokval deur dit met 'n vragmotor te stamp, omring dit en gebruik bofbalkolwe om deur die vensters te slaan en insittendes aan te val in skrikwekkende video van Birmingham. 15 mans met wapens herhaal...

ISIS fanatic Salah Abdeslam begs for clemency over Bataclan attack

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ISIS fanatic Salah Abdeslam tells court it 'will be an injustice' if he is convicted over Bataclan attack on last day of nine-month trial and judges go to consider verdict in secret locationSalah Abdeslam, 32, told t...

Ukraine pounds Putin’s Snake Island garrison AGAIN days after attack

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Ukraine pounds Putin's Snake Island garrison AGAIN days after 'significant' attack on key Black Sea outpost as Russian rocket launchers are destroyed in ambush by Kyiv's special forcesUkraine said it destroyed a Russ...

Norwegian royals remember victims of Oslo terror attack on gay bar

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Norwegian royals remember victims of Oslo terror attack on gay bar: Crown Princess Mette-Marit joins officials at memorial after gunman killed two and injured more than 20 before city's Pride paradeOslo Cathedral ser...

Noorweë koninklike familie lei huldeblyke aan twee dood in Oslo terreuraanval

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Noorweë treur oor slagoffers van gay kroegskietery: Kroonprins Haakon en kroonprinses Mette-Marit lei huldeblyke aan twee wat 'deur Iranse vlugteling' vermoor is in Islamitiese terreuraanval in Oslo..

Danish man who killed five in bow and arrow attack sentenced to care

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Danish man who killed five people in bow and arrow attack at Norwegian supermarket is sentenced to psychiatric care and 'cannot be held criminally responsible'Espen Andersen Brathen went on a bloody rampage in Kongsb...

Jussie Smollett insists he did not lie about homophobic attack

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Jussie Smollett insists he is not 'a piece of s***', did not lie about homophobic attack, and says he refused to eat during the six and a half days he was in prison because he was 'fasting to gain clarity' Addressing...

Hunter becomes the hunted: Bear kills hunter in revenge attack

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Hunter becomes the hunted: Bear kills hunter in revenge attack just before succumbing to its wounds after it was shot in Russian woodsRussian hunter, 62, shown in pictures with bear he mortally wounded nearby His sk...

Ukraine ‘destroys Russian navy tugand downs attack helicopter

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Ukraine 'destroys Russian Black Sea navy tug carrying weapons to Snake Island' and downs helicopter in fresh blows to Putin's invasionVideos released show Russian tug boat and helicopter destroyed by missiles Russia...

AFBEELD: Pense op 'n veilige plek gedurende Januarie 6 Capitol aanval

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AFBEELD: Mike Pence op 'n veilige plek onder die Capitol nadat hy aan die geheime diens gesê het hy wil nie hê dat oproeriges hom moet sien 'vlug' - soos Proud Boys sê hulle sou hom doodgemaak het as hulle hom gevind het The House select co...

Seun, 36, stabbed his parents to death in frenzied attack, hof verhoor

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Fearful mother said 'this could be my last gin' before she returned home to be stabbed to death by 'spoilt' son, 36, who also knifed his father more than 130 times then mutilated his genitals after he died, hofverhoor ...

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