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David Attenborough, 95, impressed crew with his rowing skills

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Oar-some at 95! David Attenborough amazes Green Planet film crew with his impressive rowing skills while filming in CroatiaThe environmentalist, 95, showed off his stamina when he insisted on rowing himself back acro...

Attenborough, 95, calls on world leaders to listen to the science

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Attenborough aboard Attenborough: Naturalist, 95, calls on world leaders to listen to the science on climate change as he joins crew on his namesake polar vessel (formerly known as Boaty McBoatFace)Sir David Attenbor...

Prince William will present five-part BBC show with David Attenborough

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Prince William will present five-part BBC television series with David Attenborough to recognise pioneers finding innovative solutions to climate issuesPrince William and David Attenborough will present TV show about...

EDEN CONFIDENTIAL: Million-pound pay day for Sir David Attenborough

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EDEN CONFIDENTIAL: It's a million-pound bonanza for busy bee Sir David Attenborough Unstoppable naturalist Sir David Attenborough is refusing to let the grass grow under his feet, invecchiato 95 — and it's paying off handso...

David Attenborough warns of ‘crippling problemsof climate change

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David Attenborough warns of 'crippling problems' caused by climate change in his role at this year's Cop26 summitSir David Attenborough, 95, has been named the People's Advocate of this year's Cop26 summit In a video...

Sir David Attenborough blasts ‘ignorantanti-vaxxers

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Sir David Attenborough blasts ‘ignorant’ anti-vaxxers but says most people know the Covid jab is a ‘great triumph of medicine’The broadcaster, 94, said he thought anti-vax sentiment was from ignorance Natural history...

David Attenborough teases ‘extraordinarymoment in new film

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'It's planted on my mind:' David Attenborough teases 'extraordinary' moment thousands of flamingos are forced to cross a toxic lake in new series Perfect PlanetThe broadcaster, 94, witnessed the extraordinary sight a...

Sir David Attenborough welcomes Joe Biden’s US election victory

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Sir David Attenborough welcomes Joe Biden's US presidential election victory - and stresses America's importance in fighting climate changeDavid Attenborough says 'of course' Joe Biden's victory was good for the worl...