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My pension scheme has sent baffling letters about ‘equalising the GMP

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My old pension has sent me baffling letters about 'equalisation of the GMP' between men and women – please explain! Steve Webb replies I transferred my final salary pension to my private pension scheme in summer 2020...

Verstommende 22 minute manoeuvre which may prove MH370 WAS murder suicide

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Pilot's baffling 22 minute manoeuvre which could hold the key to proving MH370 mystery WAS murder suicide On March 8 in 2014, the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 disappeared from view Total of 239 passengers were on...

SINCE YOU ASK: We explain baffling stock market terminology

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SINCE YOU ASK: We explain baffling stock market terminology and how you might stand to profit - this week it's ESG investing What does ESG investing involve? The managers of an ESG fund pledge to pick firms that pri...

Golden Globes ‘bafflingTwitter feed is slammed

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'Props to the Golden Globes for always choosing absolute chaos:' Fans slam awards show's 'baffling' Twitter feed fail to acknowledge their wins as ceremony moves online The Golden Globes moved online for its 79th cer...

Hubble finds 6 dead galaxies in space, baffling experts

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Hubble Space Telescope finds six dead galaxies, even as expert says 'at this point all galaxies should be forming lots of stars'They ran out of cold hydrogen gas needed to make stars when the universe was roughly 3 b...