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Barnes & Noble staff slam Rowling with ‘unproblematic books’ vertoon

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Snarky staff at NYC Union Square Barnes & Noble have a dig at JK Rowling with a display of 'unproblematic wizarding books' after Harry Potter author's comments about trans communityThe Barnes & Noble in NYC's Uni...

John Barnes: Royal who asked about Archie’s skin was ‘being realistic

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John Barnes says unnamed royal who asked Prince Harry and Meghan Markle about baby Archie's skin colour was 'being realistic' and most black people think 'so what?' about the questionMeghan claimed that a royal had q...

Jacob Rees-Mogg tries his hand at John Barnes ‘World in Motionrap

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Bizarre moment Jacob Rees-Mogg tries his hand at the John Barnes 'World in Motion' rap in the House of Commons as he joins 'rejoicing' at England's semi-final victory (but throws in a quote from Roman poet Virgil)Foo...

Barnes insists Big Six’s withdrawal is NOT a victory for fans

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John Barnes insists Big Six's withdrawal from European Super League is NOT a victory for fans... as Liverpool legend concedes chances of ousting disgraced American owners involved in controversial breakaway are slimE...

John Barnes backs official at centre of Champions League race storm

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'If there'd been five black coaches and one white coach he would have pointed out "the white one". What else can he say?': John Barnes sticks up for Romanian official who sparked Champions League walkoutParis Saint G...