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EDEN CONFIDENTIAL: Geri Horner beats sceptics after she wins battle

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EDEN CONFIDENTIAL: Geri Horner beats sceptics on home expansion as she wins battle to add another bedroom to her country mansion A victory for girl power? I hear that former Spice Girl Geri Horner has won her battle t...

Legal battle over Anne Heche’s estate rages on between her son and ex

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EXCLUSIVE: Anne Heche's son Homer says mom's ex James Tupper is launching 'unfounded personal attacks' on him and claims 2011 email naming him executor is NOT a valid will as legal battle over her estate rages onAnne ...

Kanye West hires Melinda Gateslawyer in ongoing battle with Kim

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Watch out Kim! Kanye West hires Melinda Gates' lawyer (who helped finalize multi-billion dollar divorce with Bill) in ongoing battle with ex Kardashian as they iron out custody and property detailsKanye West has repor...

Battle of the Buffet: Hotel names and shames newlyweds over bill row

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EXCLUSIVE: The Battle of the Buffet: Hotel names and shames newlyweds for 'REFUSING to pay £1,150 wedding breakfast bill' - as couple says they have called in police in row over mini-burgers and ribsClare Nattrass and...

Johnny Depp and Joelle Rich ‘were datingduring US court battle

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Johnny Depp and his London lawyer girlfriend 'were dating during his US court battle against Amber Heard in the summer but AREN'T exclusive'Depp was dating his former attorney Joelle Rich in his US trial this summer ...

DJ Stu Allan dies aged 60 after losing cancer battle

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DJ Stu Allan dies aged 60: 90s dance music legend passes away after battling cancer for almost a yearThe nineties dance music legend's death was announced on social media on Thursday in a heartfelt statement Followin...

JK Rowling’s lawyer friend Allison Bailey resumes Stonewall battle

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JK Rowling's lesbian lawyer friend Allison Bailey resumes legal battle with Stonewall as she appeals tribunal's decision to dismiss her discrimination claim against charity in row over trans policiesAllison Bailey cla...