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Suffolk vicar wins court battle against parishioners

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Vicar wins court battle against parishioners after tensions 'boiled over' when he removed unauthorised toys and trinkets from gravesThe row over mementoes involved St Edmund's Church in Kessingland, Suffolk Removed ...

Model reveals how she overcame years-long battle with drug addiction

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Model who started abusing drugs and alcohol at age 15 reveals how she finally overcame her addictions - after ending up in JAIL and suffering a near-fatal overdose - and found a lucrative career as an Instagram influ...

How M&S’s Colin the Caterpillar legal battle could be trouble for Aldi

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Could this be the end of Aldi's beloved budget 'knock-offs'? M&S's legal battle with Aldi over its £4.99 Cuthbert the Caterpillar cake could see more popular items in line for the chop, say retail experts (but can YO...

L'impero del biliardo di Littlewoods è coinvolto nella battaglia dell'Alta Corte

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La famiglia di miliardari dietro l'impero dei totocalcio di Littlewoods è coinvolta nella battaglia dell'Alta Corte su chi ha diritto a milioni legati al fondo fiduciario La famiglia dietro i totocalcio di Littlewoods è in guerra per una parte della fortuna...

Ragazzo, 6, who survived cable car disaster is subject of custody battle

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Ragazzo, sei, who survived Italian cable car disaster that left him an orphan in custody battle between two aunts with Israeli family saying Italian relatives have KIDNAPPED himEitan Biran, sei, miraculously survived the...

ROLAND WHITE TV: Oddly endearing skirmish than a fierce battle

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ROLAND WHITE recensisce la TV di ieri sera: Oddly endearing skirmish even Phil The Flipper would struggle to sell Bidding Wars Rating: Royal Bastards: The Rise of the Tudors Rating: The title of Bidding Wars (ora la Cina invia i DRONI per avvertire i residenti di Shanghai di "controllare il desiderio di libertà dell'anima" e di non violare le restrizioni CovidShanghai è sotto stretto blocco da una recente ondata) trasformato...

David Baddiel descrive l'"incredibile" del suo defunto padre’ [object Window]

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JANET STREET-PORTER su Amber Heard e la battaglia di corte di Johnny Depp

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JANET STREET PORTER: Il sordido circo di corte di Johnny e Amber, che raccoglie i dettagli sporchi della loro relazione disfunzionale - non fa nulla per aiutare la difficile situazione delle donne maltrattate e aiuta solo a riempire le tasche di....

Rachel Riley scores key victory in libel battle

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Countdown star Rachel Riley scores key victory in libel battle against hard-left blogger who blamed her for death threats sent to girl, 16, on Twitter as judge strikes out his defenceMike Sivier's defence thrown out ...

British jazz legend Chris Barber dies aged 90 after dementia battle

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'Giant' of British jazz Chris Barber dies 'peacefully in his sleep' at 90 after battle with dementia as tributes pour in for pioneering bandleaderThe trombonist, double bassist and band leader was a key figure of Bri...

Scots battle through SNOW to vote in crunch Holyrood elections

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Scots battle through SNOW to vote in crunch Holyrood elections as Tories plead for people to 'lend' them votes to block Nicola Sturgeon's independence drive - with the SNP's chances of a majority '50-50'Scots are cas...

The battle of the school run

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The battle of the school run: Police are called as angry residents build wheelie bin barricade across their street to stop parents using it when they go to pick up their childrenFurious residents in Cleethorpes erect...

Disney steps up fight to protect Marvel franchise in copyright battle

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Disney steps up fight to protect Marvel franchise as firm's lawyers file slew of lawsuits to hold on to copyright on several superheroes including Iron Man, Spider-Man and ThorDisney filed a series of lawsuits to inv...

Daughters of murdered pawn broker win legal battle over $10M will

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Daughters of Oregon pawn broker murdered by a prostitute win bitter legal battle after he cut them out of $10M will and left everything to two lawyers - one of whom sent him to prison for four years in the 90s for de...

Pheasant’s revolt: Postman faces rival on daily battle to make rounds

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The pheasant's revolt: Postman faces plucky nemesis on daily battle to make his deliveriesMark Brough says he is often attacked by feisty pheasant in Staffordshire village The 49-year-old postie says bird 'bites ever...

Businessman locked in legal battle with his ex over transfer of shares

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Millionaire fighting his ex-wife for ownership of their companies has been 'forced to live in a CARAVAN for six years after they sold £1m eight-bed home to prop up their businesses'Millionaire Rupert Easter was left ...