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Blackpool football star, 24, ‘grabbed 18-year-oldbefore alleged rape

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Blackpool football star, 24, 'grabbed 18-year-old woman by the hair and told her to be a good girl before he raped her'Blackpool striker Beryly 'Bez' Lubala, 24, accused of raping a woman in his home The woman, adesso 2...

Policeman heard saying he would ‘rapePC before pinning her to bed

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Poliziotto, 35, was overheard saying he was 'going to rape' junior PC before pinning her to bed and forcing himself on her - as tribunal hears he launched sex attacks on two female officersPC said he was 'going to rap...

Synagogue gunman had tea with Texas rabbi before taking him hostage

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British terrorist gunman had TEA with Texas rabbi before taking him hostage: Rabbi relives 'terrifying' moment he heard handgun click while prayingRabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker welcomed Malik Faisal Akram into Beth Isr...

Day of blue skies and sunshine for Britain before Wolf Moon tonight

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See the Wolf Moon in all its glory! Day of blue skies and sunshine will see temperatures hit 50F ahead of the year's first full moon before return of sub-zero freezing fogForecasters suggest 'Blue Monday' should be '...

Novak Djokovic’s kind act before leaving Australia

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Novak Djokovic's kind act before leaving Australia: The touching DM tennis superstar sent an Aussie up-and-comer before Immigration Minister kicked him out of the countryThanasi Kokkinakis won the Adelaide Internatio...

All'interno dell'ultima telefonata tra padre e figlio prima che lo tsunami colpisse Tonga

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All'interno della straziante chiamata a un bambino di quattro anni terrorizzato a Tonga dopo che un'eruzione vulcanica una volta nella vita ha visto uno tsunami distruggere il Pacifico - mentre Jacinda Ardern lancia un grave avvertimento, il padre del Queensland ha lasciato nel dar...

Man almost crushed to death before being saved by quick-thinking guard

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Heart-stopping moment man was almost crushed to death after trying to cling onto train door before being saved by quick-thinking guardA man at Dadar railway station in Mumbai, India, was saved by a heroic guard He wa...

Olivia Culpo gets asked to ‘put a blousebefore boarding flight

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Former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo slams American Airlines after staff branded her sports bra and biker shorts 'inappropriate' and threatened to bar her from her flight if she didn't 'put on a blouse'The 29-year-old m...

RICHARD KAY: Deal was done before Andrew even arrived at the castle

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RICHARD KAY: The deal no one dreamed possible was done before Andrew even arrived at the castle - and it bore the imprint of both Charles AND William At the end, it was just the two of them: Mother and son talking qu...

L'infermiera ha osservato l'autolesionismo della donna e ha detto, 'sverrà prima di morire’

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Nella foto: Infermiera che ha visto una donna, 22, autolesionismo e detto al collega, 'lasciala, sverrà prima di morire, poi l'ha cacciata dall'unità di salute mentale poche ore prima di togliersi la vita. Paddy McKee è raffigurato in 2015, ...

Cop saves pilot seconds before high-speed train smashes into plane

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'I wasn't worried about myself': Selfless LAPD cop who plucked bloodied pilot from cockpit seconds before high-speed train smashed into it admits the 'timing was unbelievable'LAPD Foothill Division cop Robert Sherock...

How Boris Johnson spent his day before BYOB No10 party

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'There are social distancing rules we must all observe': What Boris Johnson told the Commons on May 20, 2020 - hours before BYOB bash with DOZENS of staff in his back garden while the rest of Britain sweltered in loc...

Lecturer was ‘conned out of £200,000 before crossbow death

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Retired lecturer, 74, who was murdered with a crossbow 'was conned out of more than £200,000 over four years before he died by fraudster who posed as a property developer', court hearsGerald Corrigan, 74, befriended...

Bob Saget’s haunting final Instagram post hours before death

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Bob Saget, 65, said he was 'loving every minute of being back on stage' in haunting final Instagram post less than 24 hours before he was found dead in Florida hotel roomSources close to Saget, chi era 65, say he was...

Jeremy Corbyn "potrebbe lanciare un nuovo partito politico’ prima delle elezioni

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L'ex leader laburista Jeremy Corbyn "potrebbe lanciare un nuovo Partito per la pace e la giustizia" prima delle prossime elezioni dopo che Keir Starmer si è rifiutato di ripristinare la frusta per il suo rifiuto di scusarsi per l'antisemitismo..

Girl replied to one last message from bullies before she took her life

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Studentessa, 14, replied to one final message from cyber bullies which 'tipped the scales' before taking her own life, her mother revealsMegan Evans took her own life after receiving barrage of abuse on social media T...