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Southwest Airlines passenger is fined $40,000 for unruly behavior

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Southwest Airlines passenger escapes with $40,000 fine for drinking duty free alcohol on flight, sexually assaulting a flight attendant and then smoking marijuana in lavatoryThe FAA said in April it issued a $40,823 ...

Britney Spears says mother is ‘concernedabout her ‘weird’ gedrag

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Britney Spears says mother Lynne Spears is 'concerned' about her 'weird' behavior... as she declares herself 'born' again and free from the 'family business' after dad Jamie was ousted as conservatorBritney Spears, 3...

Mother-daughter ‘Karenskicked off flight for ‘unsafe’ gedrag

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Flight privilege: Mother and daughter dubbed 'Karen and Karen 2.0' are kicked off Southwest flight from Sacramento to San Diego after yelling at passengers to move seats so that they could sit on the aisleThe inciden...

On-sosiale gedrag onwettige bokswedstryde in Washington Square Park

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Washington Square Park word geteister deur onwettige bokswedstryde, wat die laaste ruk vir plaaslike inwoners wat maande se erge ondervind het, messteek en dwelmgebruik by NYC se landmerk Gedurende Junie, met Covid-lyste ...

NYT ‘killedScott Rudin exposé on his abusive behavior last year

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New York Times 'KILLED expose on Scott Rudin's abusive behavior last year amid fears that the No Country for Old Men producer would pull $3 MILLION in ads'The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday looked again at producer ...

‘Pandemic puppiesexperiencing behavior challenges

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'Pandemic puppies' adopted during COVID-19 lockdowns are suffering stress and separation anxiety now their owners' are returning to offices, study finds3 million puppies were purchased or adopted during US COVID-19 l...

Sarah Palin slaan Martin Bashir oor sy 'onetiese gedrag’

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Sarah Palin wimpers skande Prinses Diana-onderhoudvoerder Martin Bashir oor sy 'onetiese gedrag' - agt jaar nadat die joernalis die voormalige goewerneur van Alaska as 'n 'wêreldklas-idioot' bestempel het, en MSNBC, die voormalige goef, moes ophou.

UITSLUITEND: Body language expert analyzes Derek Chauvin’s trial behavior

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EKSKLUSIEF - Derek Chauvin's nervous note-taking, defiant mugshot and unmasked emotions: Body language expert analyzes George Floyd's killer who came across as a 'sociopath' in courtBody language expert Patti Wood spo...

Jimmy Kimmel fails to ask Ellen about claims of her ‘toxic behavior

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Jimmy Kimmel fails to ask Ellen any tough questions in her first interview since she was accused of 'toxic behavior' and instead asks about charity work and getting stonedJimmy Kimmel on Tuesday didn't ask Ellen DeGe...