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Dogs are able to distinguish between different languages, studie bevind

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Who's a clever boy? Dogs are able to detect speech and distinguish between different languages, study findsEötvös Loránd University researchers trained dogs to lie in a brain scanner They played them speech in, or gi...

Lovesick texts between Elizabeth Holmes and her ‘abuserSunny Balwani

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Lovesick texts between Elizabeth Holmes and her 'abuser' Sunny Balwani show the couple's closeness before their relationship went sour as she's convicted of fraudHolmes has been convicted of four fraud charges, clear...

Settlement between Jeffrey Epstein and Virginia Robert is unsealed

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Long-secret $500,000 settlement between Epstein and Virginia Roberts is UNSEALED but makes NO mention of Prince Andrew by name: His lawyers argued it would release him from liabilityThe 2009 settlement between Jeffre...

Settlement between Jeffrey Epstein and Virginia Robert is unsealed

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Unsealed settlement between Jeffrey Epstein and Virginia Roberts makes no mention of Prince Andrew by name but releases all 'potential defendants,' leaving some wiggle room for dismissing her suit against royalThe se...

Mask brawl erupts between man and younger woman on flight

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'Sit down Karen': Mid-air brawl erupts between maskless man and younger woman after she told him to put one onThe video - which has gotten 4.2 million views since it was posted on Twitter - starts off with the two sq...

LeBron James posts meme asking difference between COVID and the cold

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'Help me out folks': LeBron James posts controversial meme comparing COVID, a cold and the flu after previously admitting he'd been vaccinated despite 'skepticism' over shotLebron James posted a controversial meme to...

Earth ‘evolved from collisions between smaller planetary embryos

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Is THIS how our planet formed? Earth evolved from collisions between smaller 'planetary embryos' in the inner Solar System, study claimsThe Earth and Mars evolved from collisions between smaller 'planetary embryos' T...

Man stuck between a Tube train and the platform at Underground station

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Moment man got stuck between a Tube train and the platform at west London Underground station after starting a fight with passengersMan was filmed launching himself at another passenger at a Tube station Footage film...

Calls to scrap 28-day wait between Covid infection and jab

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Is Boris' New Year booster goal a bust? UK now needs to jab 2.1m people a day after missing 1m target for a week straight and 28-day delay after catching Covid means hundreds of thousands are being made ineligible ev...

Kate Moss hops between two VERY different shops

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From YSL to Londis: Supermodel Kate Moss hops between two VERY different shops with her daughter Lila She may be a multi-millionaire fashion icon, but you might still catch Kate Moss among the own-brand baked beans a...

Skrywer oor ooreenkomste tussen prinses Charlotte van Wallis en Diana

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Vergete lewe van die oorspronklike mense se prinses: Geskiedkundige onthul Charlotte van Wallis se treffende parallelle met prinses Diana - van die verduistering van haar man se gewildheid tot 'n skokdood by 21 wat gelei het tot intense publisering...

Daredevil leaps between high-rise rooftops with mistake meaning death

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Heart stopping moment daredevil leaps between the rooftops of two high-rise buildings with one tiny mistake meaning certain deathVideo was filmed by onlookers from the 39th floor of another building The man psyched h...

Showdown between woman’s ex-lovers ended in murder, hof verhoor

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Man, 27, killed a father-of-two and seriously injured another in showdown with love rival in an M&S car parkShaan Mir, 27, is on trial and has denied counts of murder and attempted murder Mir met with love rival Stev...

Violence between BLM and Rittenhouse backers as deliberations continue

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Two are arrested during violent clashes outside Kenosha court after Rittenhouse jury is sent home for a SECOND night: Defense calls for mistrial over drone footage that was 'linchpin' in prosecution caseTwo people we...

Polisie het nog geen verband gevind tussen Liverpool-bomaanvaller en terreurselle nie

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Misterie bly oor Poppy Day se selfmoordbomaanvaller se motiewe, aangesien die polisie nog geen verband tussen die mislukte asielsoeker en terreurselle gevind het nie, aangesien vriende sê hy was geen fanatikus nie. Die polisie moet nog bewyse vind Emad Al Sw..

PM says EU must choose between Ukraine’s freedom or Russia’s gas

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Boris Johnson says EU must choose between Ukraine's freedom or buying gas from Russia and accuses Putin and Belarus of 'contriving' to create migrant crisis on Polish borderJohnson urged allies to 'work ever more clo...

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