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Asthmatic black man died while handcuffed and pleading for help

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'I'm fading, I'm going to die': Asthmatic black man died while lying handcuffed and pleading for help on Brixton street after Met Police cop said 'he's playing the whole poor me, poor me routine'Ian McDonald-Taylor, 5...

Labour MP recorded describing Kwasi Kwarteng as ‘superficiallyblack

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Rupa Huq apologises to Kwasi Kwarteng after being recorded describing Chancellor as 'superficially' black at conference event - as she is suspended as a Labour MPLabour's Rupa Huq recorded describing Kwasi Kwarteng as...

Screenwriter Dustin Lance Black suffered a ‘serious head injury

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Oscar-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black suffered 'serious head injury after being punched in a gay bar' and was taken to Greek Islands by Olympic diver husband Tom Daley to help with his recoveryBlack revealed h...

US man’s skin turns black after reaction to common anti-depressant

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Caucasian man, 34, claims his skin turned BLACK after bizarre reaction to common antidepressant ProzacTyler Monk, 34, was given Fluoxetine last year to help with his mental health But instead the drug has turned the s...

Jammer, trolls. Viewers favor casting black actors as elves and dwarves

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Jammer, trolls. Most viewers SUPPORT the casting of black actors as elves, dwarves and other fantasy characters in The Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones spinoffs, and die-hard fans are even bigger backers, poll sho...

Elusive WHITE black bear seen frolicking on Michigan trail camera

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Not your average bear! Elusive WHITE black bear - known by Native Americans as a 'spirit bear' - seen frolicking on Michigan trail cameraThe 100-pound bear was spotted in the western Upper Peninsula, a region of The G...

Black hiking team founder slams ‘racistswho assume his group litters

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Founder of black Scottish hiking team slams 'racist' white ramblers who 'tell him to turn his Bluetooth speakers off and assume his group will leave litter'The founder of a group for black hikers said they are unfairl...