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Aktrise, 28, kills herself after being ‘blackmailed by fake police

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Film actress, 28, kills herself after she was 'blackmailed by fake Indian police who accused her of taking drugs at a rave and demanded cash'The 28-year-old actress was found dead at her apartment in Mumbai by police...

Man who blackmailed woman who stood him up is jailed for 18 maande

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Man, 21, who blackmailed woman, 20, who had stood him up on a date two YEARS earlier and threatened her with revenge porn photos is jailed for 18 monthsJake Collins, 21, of Filey, North Yorkshire has this week been j...

African singer Tiwa Savage says she is being blackmailed over sex tape

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African pop star Tiwa Savage says she is being blackmailed over sex tape that her boyfriend 'accidentally uploaded to social media'African pop star Tiwa Savage has said she is being blackmailed over her sex tape Foot...

Farmhand accused of rape ‘blackmailed woman into handing over farm

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Agricultural worker, 28, accused of sexually abusing and raping woman, 57, was blackmailing her into handing over her farm to him, court hearsFemale farmhand told jurors she was sexually assaulted and raped by handl...

NYPD cop ‘illegally taped woman he slept with then blackmailed her

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Woman files lawsuit against married cop who 'illegally taped her giving him oral sex then blackmailed her' as she claims the NYPD 'ignored her accusations for four years'Valentina Veleva, 35, claims that Miguel Delac...

Irish OnlyFans model ‘blackmailed by man threatening to show photos

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Irish OnlyFans model 'is blackmailed by man who threatened to show her photos to friends and family'Irish model received message from someone claiming to have personal details They threatened to release OnlyFans pho...

Teenagers are being blackmailed after sharing intimate photos online

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Teenage boys are being blackmailed for thousands of pounds by fraudsters after sharing intimate photos online as police warn over rise in number of sextortion victimsSussex Police said male victims aged between 15 'n ...

Married therapist paid secret lover £23,000 when he blackmailed her

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Married therapist paid her secret lover £23,000 when he blackmailed her by threatening to reveal their affair to her husband, court hearsTherapist met Peter Thompson, 49, while on a course in Bromley, south London Co...