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Prins Andrew lewer blitsige reaksie op regsgeding deur Virginia Giuffre

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Prins Andrew se prokureurs ontbloot 'sekskatjie-verlede' van Virginia Giuffre in 'n blasende ripost wat haar daarvan beskuldig dat sy 'smokkelary meisies verhandel vir seksuele misbruik deur Jeffrey Epstein' en 'wins maak' op die hertog se koste Amerikaanse prokureur..

Blistering heat dome ‘Luciferheads north to Portugal, central Italy

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Blistering heat dome 'Lucifer' heads for Portugal and into central Italy as wildfires rip through Mediterranean and temperatures hit 122.5F in TunisiaAnticyclone - nicknamed 'Lucifer'- moved from Africa, bringing bli...

Blistering barnacles, Cap’nwe’re bigger than Portsmouth!

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Blistering barnacles, Cap'n... we're bigger than Portsmouth! Richard Branson launches Virgin's first ever cruise ship - an enormous 110,000-ton liner that dwarfs the Navy's largest aircraft carrierVirgin's Scarlet La...

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie launches blistering attack on former student

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Acclaimed author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is slammed for saying 'trans women are trans women' by nonbinary novelist who accuses her of letting loose 'transphobic hordes' in public spatAdichie, who has written novels ...

Johnny Mercer delivers a last blistering salvo

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Nommer 10? It's a cesspit full of snakes and cowards: As he continues his fight for Northern Ireland veterans, sacked minister Johnny Mercer delivers a last blistering salvoJohnny Mercer was sacked by text last week ...

Mitch McConnell ‘laughed offTrump’s blistering broadside

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Mitch McConnell 'laughed off' Trump's blistering broadside in which the senator was branded 'a dour, sullen and unsmiling political hack' and says he plans to ignore the ex-presidentMitch McConnell reportedly laughed...