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Streeting sal Corbyn verdedig in lasterverhoor wat deur die Joodse blogger gebring is

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Corbyn-kritikus en Labour-LP Wes Streeting sal sy voormalige leier verdedig in lasterverhoor wat deur die Joodse politieke blogger gebring is. Wes Streeting sal getuienis lewer by 'n verhoor waar Jeremy Corbyn gedagvaar word Richard Millett ...

Indian blogger set to marry herself in country’s first ‘sologamy

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'I am marrying myself!' Indian blogger, 24, announces country's first ever 'sologamy' as she says she is 'her own queen' - and will even go on two-week honeymoon aloneKshama Bindu, 24, a sociology student and 'digita...

Oekraïens 'pro-Poetin’ blogger gearresteer in Spanje vir 'hoogverraad’

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Oekraïense blogger wat daarvan beskuldig word dat hy 'n pro-Poetin propagandis is, word in Spanje gearresteer vir 'hoogverraad' Anatoly Shariy, 43, gearresteer in Spanje op aanklag van 'hoogverraad' teen die Oekraïne Shariy word daarvan beskuldig dat hy ...

Anti-Semitic blogger, Alison Chabloz, 58, word tronk toe gestuur

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Anti-Semitic blogger, 58, who compared Auschwitz to a 'theme park' is jailed again for mocking Jewish people by changing lyrics of an Oliver Twist song and claiming it was 'from the perspective of Tommy Robinson' Ali...

Scottish gangster convicted of assassinating Dutch crime blogger

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Scottish gangster faces life in jail after being convicted of assassinating Dutch crime blogger who was shot eight times outside sex clubMartin Kok, 49, was blasted by a gunman outside club in The Netherlands in 2016...

Blogger ‘killed Italian porn star while filming violent bondage film

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Blogger 'killed Italian porn star while filming bondage movie where he handcuffed her naked to a stripper pole, hit her with a hammer… then slit her throat to end her misery when he realised he'd gone too far'Police ...

Blogger slams Milan restaurant for giving her a menu without prices

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Argentinian WAG slams 'sexist' high-end restaurant in Milan for handing her a 'blind' menu without prices on the assumption that the man will always payAgustina Gandolfo is the girlfriend of Milan-based footballer La...

Die reisblogger in Kalifornië is in 'n koma ná 'n bromponie in Bali

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Die reisblogger in Kalifornië veg lewenslank in koma met 'n traumatiese breinbesering ná 'n bromponie in Bali: Reisversekeraar WEIER om vir haar te betaal $250,000 evacuation homeKaitlyn McCaffery was riding a scooter in Bali,...

Food blogger says it’s time to cancel ‘British colonialterm curry

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Now the word CURRY is racist: Food blogger says it’s time to cancel the ‘British colonial’ term for south-Asian foodSouth Asian American Chaheti Bansal, 27, shares home cooking recipes online She told followers it's ...