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Wimbledon abbandona 'Miss’ e 'La signora’ davanti ai vincitori nelle bacheche d'onore

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RIVELATO: Woke Wimbledon abbandonerĂ  i titoli "Miss" e "Mrs" davanti ai nomi delle vincitrici del passato sulle sue famose bacheche d'onore in vista del controverso torneo di quest'anno Le bacheche d'onore di AELTC hanno onore...

Female boards were more likely to cut executive pay in the pandemic

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Firms with more women on their boards were more likely to cut executive pay in the pandemic Companies with more women on their boards were increasingly likely to slash executive pay during the pandemic. Fewer than ha...

Mothers share the breakfast boards they whip up to start the day

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Creative mums share the delicious breakfast boards they are whipping up while on holidays with 'egg bites', Pancakes, croissants and mini quichesStart your day with a breakfast board full of your favourite treats and...

London underground commuters confused after a cat boards the tube

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Mind the cat! London Tube commuters are left confused after spotting a feline passenger on the Victoria lineCommuters were left scratching their heads after a cat waltzed onto a carriage Passenger, Nick Thomson, sai...

The Mail boards Saga’s new flagship, Spirit of Adventure

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Ship, ship hooray! It's a new dawn for cruising, as next week international sailings depart from Britain once more. So what will life be like back on the ocean waves? The Mail boards Saga's new flagship to find outTh...