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Police release CCTV of bogus delivery driver who robbed couple

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Police release CCTV of bogus delivery driver in hunt for robbery gang who attacked homeowner and bound his hands with cable ties before stealing his £150,000 Bentley ContinentalPolice release CCTV of bogus delivery d...

Alert over cold-calling bogus insurance scam

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Alert over cold-calling scam as fraudsters pressure vulnerable people into shelling out for bogus insurance coverCold-caller victims are being coerced into monthly direct debits, a new poll says The vulnerable are pr...

The bogus Black Friday bargains: We track dozens of prices for a year

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The definitive truth about Black Friday 'bargains': Everyone wonders if they're all they're cracked up to be... so we spent a year tracking changing pricesWhich? found just one in 10 of deals advertised last year was...

24 Ure in polisiebewaring: Bogus delivery driver beats up three women

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Shocking footage man who posed as an Amazon deliver attacking three women in their home is shown as detective investigates the case on 24 Hours In Police CustodyBogus delivery driver rings the doorbell of a house in ...

Music teacher, 33, faces jail for using bogus Covid test certificate

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Music teacher, 33, is warned he could face jail for using bogus Covid test certificate in bid to fly from Heathrow to EgyptPhilip Cunningham was stopped at Heathrow Airport by EgyptAir staff on May 4 His coronavirus ...

Oester-kaartbedrieër het £ 24 000 bedrieg deur valse reiskaarte te skep

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Oyster card fraudster who swindled £24,000 by creating bogus travel cards using faces of elderly Turkish actors and politicians before selling them on is facing jailEfecan Gokce, 20, van Hendon, Londen, sold fake Oy...