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Boris and Carrie Johnson opt for £124.95 natural, knitted Moses basket

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Boris and Carrie Johnson’s daughter Romy is pictured snoozing in £124.95 natural, knitted Moses basket from ethical British brand The Little Green Sheep that belonged to her older brother WilfPM Boris Johnson and his...

Twitter users post memes about Boris and Carrie Johnson’s baby

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'I wonder if there'll be a No10 party to celebrate?': Twitter raises an eyebrow at Boris's baby joy... as PM battles backlash over 'illegal' festive bashesTwitter users have a light-hearted look at Boris Johnson's wi...

Boris and Carrie enjoy romantic stroll along Rome’s Spanish Steps

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Boris and Carrie sample La Dolce Vita! PM and his wife enjoy romantic stroll along Rome's iconic Spanish Steps on night out ahead of G20 summit as PM tries to rally support for COP26Boris Johnson compared climate cha...

Row over allegations Boris and Carrie Johnson ‘broke lockdown rules

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Row over allegations Boris and Carrie Johnson 'broke Covid lockdown rules' by allowing friend to stay at No10 last Christmas... as fury erupts at claims the PM's wife 'models' image on Kate Middleton but is 'bitter' ...

RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: Boris and CarrieI give you The Markles

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RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: Boris and Carrie are displaying certain traits associated with another famous couple.… I give you The Markles of Downing Street There's an expression to describe what's happened to Boris's brains ...

Boris and Carrie swelter in Cornwall as they greet more G7 guests

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We do like to be beside the seaside! Boris and Carrie swelter in the Cornwall sunshine as they greet more G7 guests ahead of beach barbecue tonight (but let's hope Macron doesn't kick off about the sausages)Boris and...

Boris and Carrie Johnson DID take a mini-moon!

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The honeymoon is over! Boris and Carrie Johnson are back at work after spending weekend away on a 'mini moon' at Chequers after postponing longer break until next yearThe couple escaped to Chequers in Buckinghamshire...

Anglican priest brands Boris and Carrie ‘the new Tudors’ na troue

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Anglican priest brands Boris and Carrie 'the new Tudors' after twice-divorced PM was able to re-marry in Catholic church while other divorcees had to tie knot in registry officeTwice divorced Prime Minister married p...

Where’s Wilfred? Boris and Carrie chose Dilyn for Christmas card

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Where's Wilfred? Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds chose snap of their dog Dilyn rather than new son to front No10 Christmas card... despite previous PMs sharing family photos on coverSeen outside No 10, the Jack Russ...