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Boston Dynamics’ feestelike video het Spot robot wegkruip in 'n Kersgeskenk

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Spot the Dog kan vanjaar onder jou boom wees! Boston Dynamics stel 'n feestelike video vry wat wys hoe sy vierbeen-robot in 'n Kersgeskenk wegkruip. Die robotika-firma het die eienaardige videotjie op hul Twitter geplaas..

Boston woman SWITCHES HOUSES with stranger, inspired by The Holiday

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A transatlantic trade fit for the big screen! Boston woman reveals she is switching HOMES with a stranger from the UK this New Year's - after being inspired by festive movie The HolidayGrace Gagnon, 25, is about to h...

Boston Dynamic’s robot perfectly mimics Mick Jagger’s dance moves

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Start me up! Boston Dynamic's Spot robot perfectly mimics Mick Jagger's iconic dance moves from The Rolling Stones' classic 1981 music videoBoston Dynamics taught its Spot robot to mimic dance moves of Mick Jagger in...

Boston Dynamic’s robot canine Spot has future as guard dog

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Boston Dynamic's robot canine Spot has a future as guard dog, patrolling 'manufacturing plants, chemical plants, utilities and installations,' says chief engineerBoston Dynamics first started selling Spot commerciall...

Boston Ballet’s ex star dancer is hit by FIFTH sex attack allegation

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Boston Ballet's former star dancer is hit by THREE new sex attack claims: Lawsuit says ballerina pointed gun at underage girl while husband raped her in weapon-filled roomAn expanded lawsuit was filed late last week ...

Hyundai is using Boston Dynamicsrobot dog to patrol its factories

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Spot turns watchdog! Hyundai is using Boston Dynamics’ four-legged robot to patrol its motor plants in South Korea Hyundai has upgraded Spot with new sensors, AI and autonomous navigation The robot will work to moni...

Boston Dynamics’ robot Atlas does backflips as it takes on PARKOUR

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Atlas takes on PARKOUR! Boston Dynamics' two-legged robot leaps around an obstacle course and performs backflips in incredible new footageBoston Dynamics, the firm behind famous robotic dog Spot, shared a new video I...

Boston Ballet dancer sues husband of principal dancer of sex assault

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Boston Ballet's former star ballerina and her instructor husband 'tied up protégé in gun-filled room and sexually abused her,' new lawsuit branding them sex predators claimsFormer Boston Ballet star Dusty Button impl...

Egyptian who ‘stabbed Boston rabbicharged with hate crimes

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Egyptian who 'stabbed Boston rabbi eight times outside synagogue said "all Jews are stingy and evil" - as he is charged with hate crimes for bloody attackKhaled Awad, 24, charged with two hate crime offenses: civil r...

Boston teens on AA flight were ‘unfairly blamedfor cancelation

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Only one of 46 Boston teens refused to wear a mask that caused an American Airlines flight bound for Bahamas to be canceled, tour group organizer claimsAA Flight 893, bound for Nassau, faced extensive delays on Monda...

Boston Dynamics stel 'n video bekend van Spot-robothond wat op BTS dans

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Die robot doen! Sewe droidhonde breek 'n paar baie indrukwekkende disco-bewegings uit en daag K-pop-boyband BTS uit om te dans, Boston Dynamics stel twee video's van sy robothond bekend wat 'n paar bewegings borrel Een video funksie ...

Boston Dynamics’ Robot Dog kan die stadigste spel van die wêreld speel

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Goeie seun! Boston Dynamics se Robotic Dog kan nou die wêreld se traagste speletjie haal. Die robotmaatskappy het 'n handleiding uitgereik wat wys hoe eienaars die vierpotige masjien kan leer haal. Die haalprogram gebruik m ...

Boston Strangler ‘planned to recant his confession before his death

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EKSKLUSIEF: 'I'm going to drop a bomb!' Newly-uncovered letters reveal 'Boston Strangler' Albert DeSalvo planned to 'tell the truth' and recant his confession to killing 13 women two weeks before he was murdered in pr...

French army is testing Boston Dynamicsrobot dog

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The French army is testing Boston Dynamics' $75,000 robot dog Spot in combat scenarios to prepare for the future 'robotisation of the battlefield'France's military school Saint-Cyr tweeted a photo of soldiers assiste...

Boston Dynamics bou robot Dr.. Dit is geneig om dokters te help om triage te doen

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Dr. Spot sien jou nou! Robothonde met 'n kamera stel dokters in staat om virtuele ondersoeke van pasiënte in isolasie te doen as gevolg van COVID-19 Boston Dynamics-spanne met MIT-navorsers om robothonde te bou wat gesondheidsorg kan help..

Pranksters mounted a paintball GUN on Boston Dynamicsrobot dog Spot

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Spot's RAMPAGE: Pranksters have mounted a paintball GUN on Boston Dynamics’ $75,000 robot dog and are offering the public the chance to control the bot as it wreaks havoc in an art galleryThe stunt comes from New Yor...

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