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Boston Dynamics’ Robot Dog kan die stadigste spel van die wêreld speel

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Goeie seun! Boston Dynamics se Robotic Dog kan nou die wêreld se traagste speletjie haal. Die robotmaatskappy het 'n handleiding uitgereik wat wys hoe eienaars die vierpotige masjien kan leer haal. Die haalprogram gebruik m ...

Boston Strangler ‘planned to recant his confession before his death

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EKSKLUSIEF: 'I'm going to drop a bomb!' Newly-uncovered letters reveal 'Boston Strangler' Albert DeSalvo planned to 'tell the truth' and recant his confession to killing 13 women two weeks before he was murdered in pr...

French army is testing Boston Dynamicsrobot dog

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The French army is testing Boston Dynamics' $75,000 robot dog Spot in combat scenarios to prepare for the future 'robotisation of the battlefield'France's military school Saint-Cyr tweeted a photo of soldiers assiste...

Boston Dynamics bou robot Dr.. Dit is geneig om dokters te help om triage te doen

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Dr. Spot sien jou nou! Robothonde met 'n kamera stel dokters in staat om virtuele ondersoeke van pasiënte in isolasie te doen as gevolg van COVID-19 Boston Dynamics-spanne met MIT-navorsers om robothonde te bou wat gesondheidsorg kan help..

Pranksters mounted a paintball GUN on Boston Dynamicsrobot dog Spot

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Spot's RAMPAGE: Pranksters have mounted a paintball GUN on Boston Dynamics’ $75,000 robot dog and are offering the public the chance to control the bot as it wreaks havoc in an art galleryThe stunt comes from New Yor...

Boston barber stabbed himself in the chest with his own scissors

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Horrific moment Boston barber stabs himself in the chest with his own scissors after tripping over in freak accidentSteve Silva had been walking with the scissors while doing a cut at the Boston Barber & Tattoo C...

Boston Dynamics’ robot dog shows off its fifth limb in new video

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Spot has an ARM! Boston Dynamics' robot dog now has five limbs, allowing it to swing a skipping rope and even pick up dirty laundryUS firm's robotic dog is set to be released with an extra limb some time in 2021 Teas...

Boston bomber sues Colorado’s ‘Alcatraz of the Rockies’ vir $250,000

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Boston bomber sues Colorado's 'Alcatraz of the Rockies' supermax prison for $250,000 because 'his baseball cap and bandanna were taken from him and he is not allowed more than three showers a week'Dzhokhar Tsarnaev i...

Doen die robot! Boston Dynamics’ droids dance to ‘Do You Love Me

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Doen die robot! Boston Dynamics' droids twist and mash potato while dancing to The Contour's 1962 hit song 'Do You Love Me' The firm shared a video of its robots dancing to The Contours 'Do You Love Me' Atlas, robot do...

Boston doctor has severe allergic reaction after receiving Moderna jab

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Boston cancer doctor with an allergy to shellfish becomes the first person in the world to suffer a severe reaction to Moderna's COVID vaccine since it was rolled out in the U.S. five days agoA doctor experienced an ...

Boston Biogen conference led to 300,000 infections across the world

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Biogen conference attended by 175 people in Boston in February is linked to up to 330,000 coronavirus infections in 29 states and three other countriesA strategy meeting of 175 senior managers at Biogen Inc was held ...

Boston suburb on high alert after at least 10 random attacks on men

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Boston basher bludgeons 10 men in three weeks knocking them out cold with a blunt instrument to back of the head in random attacks leaving the community living in fearWaltham, Massachusetts is offering a $5,000 rewar...

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