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Olympic boxer Vasile Belous is killed in car crash aged 33

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Moldovan Olympic boxer Vasile Belous, [object Window] 2012 Games in London, is killed in car crash aged 33 after losing control of his Mercedes and smashing into the stone wall of a monastery in his homelandVasil...

Prince William meets Team GB boxer Lauren Price ahead of Olympics

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Andando per l'oro! Prince William beams as he meets Team GB boxer Lauren Price at Kensington Palace ahead of Tokyo 2020 Olympics as brother Harry announces bombshell new bookDuke of Cambridge, 39, met with Team GB boxer...

New Jersey lawmaker caught wearing boxer shorts during Zoom meeting

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New Jersey lawmaker is caught wearing boxer shorts with his belly exposed during Zoom meeting with US Congress colleaguesNew Jersey Rep. Donald Payne showed his colleagues his boxer shorts and exposed belly during a ...

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