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Group trying to ‘decolonise Bristolboycott Thatchers Cider

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Now Bristol's woke warriors cancel CIDER: Group trying to 'decolonise' the city boycott Thatchers Cider because its CEO is a member of an historic charity linked to Edward Colston'Countering Colston' group - which ca...

Kopparberg faces boycott after removing adverts from GB News channel

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Kopparberg, Grolsch, Nivea and Open University face boycott calls for removing adverts from 'proud to be British' GB News channelSeveral companies have been named online as advertisers of GB News So far, six companie...

Liz Truss says English teams should boycott Champions League final

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STRIP Russia of the final NOW: Liz Truss tells English teams to boycott event - as Man U boss Ralf Rangnick admits avoiding war 'is more important actually than a Champions League game, to be honest'UEFA have been ur...

GB News boycott ‘attacks our free media’, Culture Secretary warns

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GB News boycott 'attacks our free media': Culture Secretary warns big brands not to 'succumb to pressure groups' by pulling adverts from new TV stationCulture Secretary Oliver Dowden defended the UK's 'free and diver...

Cadbury and Yorkshire Tea become latest firms to join Russia Boycott

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Cadbury and Yorkshire Tea become latest firms to join Great Russian Boycott along with Uniqlo after clothing giant U-turnsCadbury owners, Mondelez, has said it will be 'scaling back' activities in Russia Although the...

Andrew Neil blasts firms who ‘took the kneein GB News ad boycott row

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GB News chief Andrew Neil blasts firms who 'took the knee and cowed' to 'fringe group dominated by far-Left agitators and cranks' in ad boycott row – and warned they will be scrutinised like politicians if they 'play...

daarop gemik is om aan die vereistes van die wet te voldoen

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Woedende Russiese vroue OPSNY hul Chanel-handsakke uit protes nadat die modereuse hulle VERBAN HET om hul gunsteling bykomstighede te koop Franse luukse handelsmerk het uit Rusland getrek en verkope aan ryk Russe gestaak..

Major brands row back on GB News ad boycott

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Major brands row back on GB News ad boycott: Moneysupermarket, Ikea, Vodafone and Bosch back down on blacklist claims as #GBNewsWins trends on Twitter after Andrew Neil blasted firms who 'cowed to far-Left agitators ...

Students could miss graduating as lecturers plan marking boycott

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Thousands of students could miss out on graduating this year as lecturers at 44 universities threaten to boycott the marking of exam papersProfessors at universities including Durham and St Andrews issued the threat ...

Longtime designer for Ben & Jerry’s quits, calls boycott ‘despicable

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Longtime designer for Ben & Jerry's quits the company after 21 jare, calling its boycott of sales in Israeli settlements a 'despicable trend' of anti-ZionismSusannah Levin, who has worked for the ice cream maker as ...

ITV joins BBC in boycott of ‘wokeBristol Council after reporter ban

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Now ITV joins BBC and local media in boycotting 'woke' Bristol Council after it banned reporter who questioned its Labour mayor's 9,000-mile round-trip to speak at climate conferenceReporter Alex Seabrook was banned ...

MPs accuse advertising boycott group of ‘breaking company law

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Tory MPs accuse hard-left group behind GB News advertising boycott of 'breaking company law' by engaging in 'political activity'Ten Conservative MPs are calling for an investigation into Stop Funding Hate The group i...

UEFA threatens European boycott of a biennial World Cup

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A World Cup every two years, but with NO teams from Europe?! UEFA say European sides will BOYCOTT the World Cup if FIFA follow Arsene Wenger's masterplan to double the number of tournamentsUEFA president Aleksander C...

Women boycott clubs amid ‘spiking epidemic

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Women boycott clubs amid 'spiking epidemic': Reveller, 25, shares picture from hospital bed after she was 'spiked' as student, 20, is left semi-paralysed after she was drugged at nightclub as 'Girls' Night In' campai...

Now activists boycott The Big Issue because of Rachel Riley interview

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Now hard-Left activists boycott The Big Issue because it ran interview with Countdown star Rachel Riley where she backed Sir Keir Starmer's efforts to purge Labour of anti-SemitismRachel Riley, 35, angered activists ...

Third of councils in Scotland boycott survey asking children about sex

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Third of councils in Scotland boycott controversial survey which asks schoolchildren 'intrusive' questions about underage sex - but SNP still refuses to withdraw itScottish Government's Health and Wellbeing Census ha...