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Leading brain surgeon calls for inquiry into law on assisted dying

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Leading brain surgeon, 71, who is suffering with advanced prostate cancer says inquiry into laws on assisted dying is 'essential' as he joins MPs calling for reviewHenry Marsh received an advanced prostate cancer dia...

Mobile phone users ‘do not have an increased risk of brain tumours

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Mobile phone users do NOT have an increased risk of brain tumours, myth-debunking study findsUniversity of Oxford experts found just 0.42% of phone users had brain cancer Researchers studied more than 400,000 Britis...

Hond wat neergesit is nadat hy eienaar se neus afgeruk het, het moontlik breingewas gehad

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Honde-eienaar onthul dat hy sy geliefde husky pitbull-kruis genaamd Arghh moes neersit nadat hy sy neus afgeruk het net om te ontdek dat die aanval moontlik deur 'n breingewas veroorsaak is. 'n Hond met die naam 'Arghh' het h....

Moeder beweer IVF het haar met 'n lewensbedreigende breingewas agtergelaat

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Ma, 53, beweer dat vyf rondes IVF haar met 'n breingewas so groot soos 'n LEMOEN laat, omdat niemand haar vertel het dat hormone gebruik word om swanger te raak nie, die groei van dodelike massa kan aanvuur. Serena Jardine moes brein hê..

Is your brain sleep deprived? How to reduce your dementia risk

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Is your brain sleep deprived? Low mood, depressie, forgetfulness and even Alzheimer's can be linked to tiredness... so check out our ways to reduce your dementia riskNeurosurgeon Dr Sanjay Gupta explains best ways t...

Brain implants force mice to make friends

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Brain implants force mice to make friends: Scientists trigger social response in rodents by using a beam of light to activate neuronsScientist have controlled the mind of mice to force them into socially interacting ...

Smacking your child can affect their brain development, studie waarsku

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Smacking your child can affect their BRAIN development and disrupt the neural regions that affect decision-making and processing of situations, study warnsSmacking may affect the brain in similar ways to more severe ...

Scientists read birdbrain signals to predict what they’ll sing next

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Decoding birdsong: Scientists read avians' brain signals to predict what they'll sing next, in breakthrough that could help develop vocal prostheses for humans who have lost the ability to speakResearchers captured b...

Mother kept thinking she was hearing musicbut it was a brain tumour

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Confused mother-of-three, 49, kept thinking she was hearing music that no one else could - until it turned out she had a brain tumourDawn Clark, 49, thought she was losing her mind when she kept hearing sounds Doctor...

Slice of human BRAIN is kept alive in a petri dish for twelve hours

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Slice of human BRAIN is kept alive in a petri dish for 12 hours in a breakthrough process that could help scientists study ways to treat fatal tumors and diseasesA small piece from a human cortex was removed and kept...

23% of elite rugby players have abnormal brain structure, studie bevind

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Almost a QUARTER of elite adult rugby players have brain structure abnormalities as a result of repeated head impacts, study warnsScientists in London assessed brains of 44 male and female elite rugby players They ...

Vrou gee geboorte tydens breinoperasie by Italiaanse hospitaal

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Danser gee geboorte tydens BREINCHIRURGIE: Swanger Portugese vrou word ingehaas vir noodopsie, chirurge dwing om ook baba per keiser te verlos - red beide hul lewens Teresa Sgro, 33, was sewe maande swanger...

Ben Stokesfather Ged dies aged 65 of brain cancer

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Ben Stokes' father Ged dies aged 65 after losing long battle with brain cancerGed Stokes diagnosed with brain cancer in January and spent weeks in hospital He returned home to Christchurch in New Zealand with his wif...

Brain cancer could be triggered by the brain’s healing process

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Brain cancer could be triggered by the healing process that follows a stroke or other brain injury, study findsResearchers from Canada analysed tumour cells from 26 glioblastoma patients Glioblastoma is the single mo...

Polisieman, 24, left needing life-saving brain surgery after punch

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Fury as thug is jailed for less than two years over punch that left rookie police officer, 24, with deadly brain bleed that needed life-saving surgeryPC Leo Clarke, 24, was still on probation when he was punched by J...

MMA fighter who left man with brain haemorrhage jailed

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MMA fighter, 37, who left man with fractured skull and brain haemorrhage after knocking him out with single punch outside bar is jailed for 21 monthsAftab Miah, 37, left Kit Bruce, 24, with life-changing injuries wit...

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