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HSBC slashes branch opening hours

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HSBC becomes latest High Street bank to scale back operations as it slashes opening times at 122 branches with some sites reducing hours by 30%HSBC introduced restricted opening hours during the Covid-19 pandemic Th...

Biden makes Adm. Linda Fagan the first woman to head a military branch

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Biden makes Admiral Linda Fagan the first woman to head a military branch as Coast Guard commandant and says challenges include fighting climate change and 'over-fishing'President Joe Biden proclaimed 'it's about tim...

Sarah Vine: Harry, don’t you dare throw back the Queen’s olive branch

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SARAH VINE: The Queen always tries to bring everyone together, even at a cost to her own reputation... So, Harry - don't you dare throw back Her Majesty's olive branchWherever Harry and Meghan appear, trouble is not ...

Bill Gates’s big night out: Billionaire at Manhattan branch of Nobu

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Bill Gates's big night out: Billionaire is spotted at Manhattan Nobu for an Easter holiday dinner with his daughter Phoebe, 19The 66-year-old billionaire was in Manhattan on Friday, dining at Nobu - where he frequent...

Two women trapped in Barclays bank take a TikTok tour of branch

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'I don't even work here!' Two women who were trapped in a Barclays' bank take a TikTok tour of 'really nice' Manchester branch after security guards LOCKED them in by mistakeTwo young women got trapped in Barclays ba...

Whippet puppy undergoes surgery to remove 2ft tree branch in leg

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Whippet puppy escapes death after emergency surgery to remove 2ft tree branch that became impaled in her leg when she tripped in a forest in one of the most dramatic cases vet has ever seenWARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES Whi...

Prins William en Harry bied nie 'n olyftakkie aan nie’ aan mekaar

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Prins William en prins Harry bied nie dae voor die onthulling van die standbeeld van prinses Diana mekaar 'n olyftakkie aan nie, vriend beweer Prins William en Harry gaan onthulling van die prinses Diana se moeder bywoon..