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Officials draw up plans for two-week ‘circuit breaker’ confinamento

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Officials draw up plans for two-week 'circuit breaker' lockdown - including bans on households mixing - to curb Omicron wave as SAGE warns new curbs must come in before January 1Plans for a two-week circuit breaker l...

Two schools close for Covid ‘circuit breaker

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Two schools close for Covid 'circuit breaker' as cases of the virus rise in classroomsA school in Hereford and another in Lancashire closed due to rising Covid cases Both of them are the first to completely close in ...

Lockdown breaker caught after hitting kangaroo while driving in NSW

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Bizarre story of how a car crash with a KANGAROO led police to a lockdown breaker who went on a road trip through country NSW because he was 'sick of Covid'Police fined man $1,000 after he was caught driving around i...

Defiant ‘hit and hopePM rejected plea for ‘circuit breaker’ confinamento

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Defiant 'hit and hope' PM rejected pleas from Whitty and Vallance for a second 'circuit breaker' lockdown and blamed them for forcing him into nationwide restrictions in Spring, says CummingsDominic Cummings has give...

Rishi Sunak confirms he helped block calls for ‘circuit breaker

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Rishi Sunak confirms he helped block calls for 'circuit breaker' lockdown last year after wave of criticism for rejecting Sage adviceMinisters faced criticism after rejecting advice from the Sage advisory group Rishi...

Spring Breaker acclamato dai bagnanti mentre fugge dai poliziotti in manette

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Fare una pausa primaverile per questo! Festaiolo a torso nudo in manette è applaudito mentre fugge dall'auto di pattuglia e viene inseguito attraverso la spiaggia della Florida dai poliziotti.Il video di TikTok mostra una folla di vacanzieri primaverili che circondano l'auto della polizia ...

Purple-clad bearded ‘Covid-rule breakersought for Glastonbury gather

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Police hunt bearded ‘Covid-rule breaker’ in long purple coat after 30 people descended on Glastonbury Tor during lockdownAvon and Somerset Police released a picture of the purple prime suspect They believe he is the ...

Britain may still need a circuit breaker lockdown in January

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Britain may still need a circuit breaker lockdown in January or February despite the roll-out of Pfizer's 95% beginning next week, top scientist warnsProfessor Liam Smeeth said it was 'likely' that a third lockdown w...