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Putin’s TV stooges accuse BRITAIN of Nord Stream sabotage

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Putin's TV propagandists gleefully pounce on Nord Stream conspiracy theories that West was behind sabotage - with claims that BRITAIN sent in divers adding to Kremlin's claim that the blast was 'state sponsored terror...

Labour MP tables bill to introduce four-day week to Britain

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Labour MP tables bill to introduce four-day week to Britain and cut working hours from 40 to 32Peter Dowd said British workers currently clock up the longest hours in Europe The MP for Bootle added that 'we’re long ov...

Biggest tax cuts for 30 years as Kwarteng vows ‘new era for Britain

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Things are looking BRIGHTER! Chancellor to pledge a ‘new era for Britain’ in mini-Budget with biggest tax giveaway in 30 years to spark growth surge – and could even knock a penny off income tax and bring in year-roun...

Britain comes to a standstill for two minutes to mark Queen’s funeral

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The day Britain came to a standstill for Queen's funeral: Mourners pack pubs and people stop in the street to watch service on their phones as entire nation from care homes to airports comes together to witness histor...