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Pensioner becomes first Briton to be fined for blocking a speed camera

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Pensioenaris, 63, becomes first in Britain to be prosecuted for obstructing a speed camera - and vows to CONTINUE his one-man campaign despite being found guiltyJack Cureton, 63, said officers manning speed camera vans ...

Briton jailed in Dubai for possessing CBD vape oil has term reduced

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Briton jailed in Dubai for possessing CBD vape oil has sentence reduced from 25 years to TEN - even though new laws in UAE mean he could have just been deportedBilly Hood, 25, was arrested in UAE in January and convi...

Briton arrested in Poland ‘for smuggling migrants from Belarus

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British man arrested in Poland accused of smuggling migrants across the Belarus border after wild night in which guards were pelted with rocks and two Syrian brothers suffering hypothermia were rescuedBritish man arr...

Friend of first Briton to die from AIDS speaks about Diana’s impact

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Friend of first Briton to die from AIDS recalls 'momentous moment' Princess Diana shook a dying man’s hand and said her gesture was the biggest boost for the gay community at the timeKen Dee appeared on Good Morning ...

Briton jailed 25 years in Dubai ‘cut off from family and lawyers

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Briton jailed 25 years in Dubai for possessing CBD vape oil 'has been cut off from family and lawyers' after claiming he had evidence police had framed himBilly Hood, 24, was arrested in UAE in January and convicted ...

Briton who flew steerable balloon while PREGNANT in 1902

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A magnificent woman in her flying machine: Brit who flew her husband's steerable balloon in 1902 while PREGNANT could be hailed as first female pilotRose Spencer took to the sky above Crystal Palace, Suid-Londen, in...

Briton who said he was abducted ‘staged it,’ his ‘captors’ eis

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British tourist, 25, who said he was abducted and tortured by a gang in Italy 'staged the kidnapping to scam £6,000 from his family to pay off debts', his 'captors' claimPatrick Sam Kourosh Demilecamps has been named...

Briton ‘helping copsafter Czech girlfriend shot dead in Colombia

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British man is 'assisting police' after his Czech girlfriend, 25, was found shot dead on a roadside in Colombia 'after the couple rowed at their holiday hotel'Anna Tinterova, a 25-year-old nurse originally from Pragu...

How ex-RAF pilot became first Briton to fly faster than speed of sound

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The 'Bat Man' who made a sonic boom by MISTAKE: How RAF hero, 26, unwittingly became first Briton to break sound barrier in 1948… four years before his fireball death crash at Farnborough Air ShowOn September 10, 194...

Briton who fled Afghanistan planning return ​to protect his family

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EKSKLUSIEF: British citizen who fled Afghanistan in 1998 is planning to return to Kabul and join the Taliban in desperate bid to protect his family trapped in the cityBusinessman Nabil* fled his native Afghanistan in ...

Briton relives terrifying moment orcas attacked boat in bid to eat him

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'Killer whales were eyeballing us for food': British yachtsman relives terrifying moment pod of orcas attacked in bid to capsize boat and eat himAlan Bruce, 63, was manning a 44ft Jeanneau sailing yacht in the Gibral...

Briton killed in strike on oil tanker identified as veteran and father

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Op die foto: British Army veteran killed in Iranian drone strike on oil tanker near Oman as head of the armed forces says Tehran made a 'big mistake'Adrian Underwood identified as Briton killed on board oil tanker Merce...

Briton one of two crew killed in suspected Iranian attack

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Briton is one of two crew killed in a suspected Iranian attack on an oil tanker called Mercer Street in the Arabian Sea, authorities claimThe tanker Mercer Street was targeted north-east of the Omani island of Masira...

First Briton known to have caught Covid died after taking cannabis

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Student, 26, who was first Briton known to have caught Covid died after taking Ecstasy, cannabis and pills and sharing bottle of Jack Daniel's with flatmate, inquest hearsThe student believed to be the first Briton t...

Vermoorde Brit Caroline Crouch 'dood in angs', lykskuldigings se eise

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Smartwatch-data wat wys hoe die Griekse vlieënier Caroline Crouch vermoor het: Haar pols skiet op 50% Om 3.58 vm. toe hy haar vyf minute met 'n kussing in haar slaap versmoor nadat sy 'n kneusplek 'onder' kneusplekke 'gelaat het..

Daredevil Briton, 21, climbs 280ft to top of tallest climbing wall

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Daredevil Briton, 21, who was jailed for scaling The Shard climbs 280ft to top of world's tallest climbing wall with no ropes or safety equipmentGeorge King, 21, spandeer 12 weeks in prison in 2019 after climbing the Sh...

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