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Britons suffer 84 bad days a year, caused by not enough sleep and more

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What brings YOU down? Britons suffer an average of 84 bad days a year... with not enough sleep, losing a wallet and smashing a phone at the top of our list of annoyances, poll showsBrits endure an average of 84 bad da...

Man vs Sjimpansee: Een in 10 Britte dink hulle kan 'n geveg met 'n aap wen

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Man vs Sjimpansee: Een in 10 Britte dink hulle kan 'n geveg met 'n primaat wen, peiling wys 1 in 10 Britte dink hulle kan teen 'n sjimpansee veg, wat volgens kenners onwaarskynlik is Jan Garen, eienaar van 'n Monkey Sanctuary, het gesê...

Angry Britons share memes over Chancellor’s ‘Emergency Budget

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'So there IS a magic money tree after all!': Britons respond to Chancellor's 'Emergency Budget' by sharing memes as Britain battles cost-of-living crisisChancellor Kwasi Kwarteng has set out a series of measures in hi...

Croc bites among the BIZARRE reasons Britons needed NHS care last year

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Crocodile bites, volcanic eruptions and an 'excessive sex drive': All the WEIRDEST reasons Britons needed NHS treatment last yearCrocodile attacks were behind 10 admissions to hospital in England last year Analysis of...

20% of Britons resort to DIY dentistry amid NHS crisis

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From pulling out teeth with PLIERS to making their own with superglue: 20% of Brits have resorted to 'DIY dentistry' amid NHS crisis, poll suggestsAbout a quarter of Britons couldn't get to see an NHS dentist over the...