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Number of first-time buyers reaches highest level since 2006

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Number of first-time home buyers reaches highest level since 2006 despite soaring prices with 5% deposit mortgage rates at a decade-lowFirst-time buyers account for half of house purchases with a mortgage in 2021 Es...

Home buyers can now borrow 7 TIMES salary with one mortgage lender

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Home buyers can now borrow 7 TIMES salary with mortgage lender Habito... but they have to fix for at least 15 yearsHabito One's new loan-to-income ratio is much higher than standard 4.5 Egter, it is only available ...

Pandemic causes mortgage rejection spike for first-time buyers

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Mortgage rejections spike for first-time buyers as the pandemic hits them hard: How to sort out your finances and credit rating and get approvedOnly 35% got a mortgage on their first attempt, af van 48% in Maart 2...

Four in ten buyers reported items lost or damaged last Christmas

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Thrown over the fence, left in the rain and taken by binmen: Four in ten buyers reported items going missing or being damaged last Christmas, Watter? revealsSurvey found 43 per cent of Christmas shoppers had delivery ...

Buyers urged to seize opportunity as asking prices fall

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Is the run-up to Christmas the time to try to buy a 'bargain' home? Asking prices slip as soaraway property market enters winter lullAverage asking prices for listed homes fell by just over £2k in the past month Righ...

Wealthy buyers from tax havens and Asia lead raid on UK homes

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Wealthy buyers from tax havens and Asia lead raid on UK homes: Foreign ownership trebles in a decade to 250,000 amid fears overseas investors are pricing out localsForeign owners of homes and flats leapt from 88,000 ...

House price growth slows but first-time buyers priced out

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House price growth slows but unaffordability crisis mounts as average first-time buyer deposit is more than double the average pay packetAnnual house price growth slows to 10% with average price tag at £248,742 Month...

The Wanted’s Tom Parker slams ‘selfishpanic petrol buyers

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The Wanted's Tom Parker slams 'selfish' panic petrol buyers as he fears he won't be to get to to his hospital appointment as he fights brain tumour Tom Parker has hit out 'selfish petrol buyers' who are forcing stati...

Ambulance worker slams panic buyers

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Ambulance driver is verbally abused on petrol station forecourt for 'letting her vehicle run out of fuel' - after trying for TWO DAYS to fill it upBecky Hough, 24, was driving around for two days trying to fuel up he...

First-time buyers offered a ‘mortgage-freestep on to the ladder

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First-time buyers are being offered a 'mortgage-free' step on to the ladder - but they can't change the kitchen and there's a stamp duty catchWayhome is a new rent-to-buy scheme which doesn't require a mortgage Inst...

Estate agents to charge potential buyers £30 just to VIEW a property

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Estate agents to charge potential buyers £30 just to VIEW a property in attempt to weed out time-wasters and nosey neighboursEstate agents plan to charge £30 for a viewing of a property to stop time wasters It aims t...

Buyers reveal their regrets about panic buying their home

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Do you regret buying your home? Buyers reveal their remorse after panic buying in the rush to beat the stamp duty deadlinePanic-buying a property has led to some regrets among new homeowners Some buyers who bought du...

Nuwe kopers kom in 'n stiller mark aan nadat die seëlregtevakansie eindig

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Wat gebeur het nadat die seëlregtevakansie geëindig het? Uitruilings daal en agente sê dat hulle 'beslis stiller' is, maar nuwe kopers kom na vore. Agente van die staat het syfers van 'n week na die seëlregte bekend gemaak..

White House HELPED Hunter Biden reach art deal to keep buyers secret

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'He is an artist': Jen Psaki says Hunter Biden has 'the right' to pursue new career and denies anonymous painting buyers will have improper influence after White House carved deal to keep $500K sales secretJen Psaki ...

Third of house purchases secured by ‘gazumpinganother buyer’s offer

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Gazumping is back! It's the most common reason for house sales falling through as buyers chase homes in a red hot marketGazumping sees sellers backing out of agreed sale and asking for more money It was to blame for...

Housing giant ‘forces buyers to use its own broadband

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Housing giant 'forces buyers to use its own broadband': Persimmon boosts profits with its in-house internet serviceFamilies moving on to new estates found only one Internet network they can use It is called FibreNest...

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