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Jo Cox’s widower calls for an end to ‘dehumanising’ gedrag

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Jo Cox's widower calls for an end to 'dehumanising' behaviour on Left and Right as he warns people who boast 'I've never kissed a Tory' are 'celebrating political segregation'Brendan Cox urged a challenge to comments...

Widower who lost wife and mum to Covid calls government ‘reckless

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Wewenaar, 56, who lost his 51-year-old carer wife to Covid six weeks after virus claimed his mother, 78, says Boris Johnson's Freedom Day plan to end most restrictions is 'irresponsible' and 'reckless'Charles Persinge...

100,000s van 999 oproepe is van pasiënte wat vra waar die ambulans is

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Honderde duisende van 999 oproepe elke maand is van pasiënte wat vra hoekom hul ambulans nog nie opgedaag het nie, gesondheidshoofde openbaarOproepe na 999 verlede maand 'n rekord van 1,3 miljoen bereik, op deur 273,025 in vergelyking met 2020 75% O ...

Biden calls for a ‘resetand to drop ‘partisan divideover COVID

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Bit late for that Joe! Biden urges Americans to ‘stop seeing each other as enemies’ in bid to heal COVID rifts over face-coverings, vaccines and school closings as he says Americans can FINALLY return to normal lifeT...

Omicron: Scott Morrison calls for calm over new Covid variant

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Scott Morrison calls for calm on Omicron saying there's 'NOTHING' to suggest the Covid vaccines won't work on variant as he scrambles to convene emergency national cabinet meetingScott Morrison says experts believe O...

Biden calls Putin to say US will take necessary action on ransomware

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BREKENDE NUUS: Biden calls Putin to demand he deals with cyber criminals and promises the US will 'take action' to 'defend its people' after $50million REvil ransomware attackPresident Joe Biden called Vladimir Putin...

Calls grow for end to red tape hampering Ukrainian refugees at Calais

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When WILL Priti Patel get a grip on visas row? Calls grow for Britain to be more generous towards Ukrainian families as red tape hampers refugeesHome Secretary Priti Patel is set to try and fix the shambolic refugee ...

Man threatens to lynch black employee, calls her the N-word in Popeyes

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'I'm white. That means I'm automatically better than you': Man threatens to lynch black employee and calls her the N-word in horrific racist rant in Popeyes as she calls him 'cracker'A viral video captured the moment...

NBA boss calls Rachel Nichols and Maria Taylor drama ‘disheartening

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'It's unfortunate that two women are pitted against each other': NBA Commissioner Adam Silver wades into ESPN race debacle after Rachel Nichols is pulled from NBA finals duty after saying colleague Maria Taylor only ...

Bel om te sê hoeveel 'Mickey Mouse’ graad gegradueerdes kry goeie werk

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Onderwysbase vra dat 'Mickey Mouse'-universiteitskursusse onderdruk moet word deur studente te vertel hoeveel gegradueerdes 'n ordentlike werk kry nadat hulle gekwalifiseer het Advertensies vir universiteite moet data toon oor hoeveel gegradueerdes des..

Lib Dem Cllr calls for King Charles II statue to be ‘chucked in canal

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The new Colston? Lib Dem councillor calls for statue of King Charles II in Gloucester to be 'chucked in canal' for how he 'punished' the city after English Civil WarCllr Jeremy Hilton suggested statued be 'chucked in...

Biden calls Putin from the office of his Delaware home

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Biden calls Putin from his Delaware home office after US Air Force flew SECOND spy plane over Ukraine to observe Russia's troop build-upBiden and Putin talk by telephone Thursday at request of Russian president Russi...

Obama defends his actions in Crimea in 2014 and calls Putin ‘reckless

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Obama defends his actions in Crimea in 2014 because the situation is 'different' to today and insists Biden administration is 'doing what it needs to be doing' in Ukraine against 'reckless' PutinBarack Obama defended...

Rudy Giuliani mocks Queen, calls top US military officer an ‘idiot

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'Drunk' Giuliani imitates Queen Elizabeth, denies hanging out with Prince Andrew and 'young girls', and calls top US general an 'idiot' and 'a*****e' in unhinged rant during 9/11 commemoration dinnerGiuliani spoke at...

Calls to axe planned national insurance rise grow

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Calls to axe planned national insurance rise grow as new data suggests workers and companies are set to pay record amount this yearTaypayers have paid £129.6billion through National Insurance since April 2021 This is...

Judge calls Creamfields the ‘biggest drug festivalas he jails dealer

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Judge calls Creamfields the 'biggest drug festival in Europe' with policing bill that is an 'enormous drain' on taxpayers as he jails dealer who tried to smuggle in cocaine and MDMACreamfields is an electronic dance ...

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