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Monty Python’s Eric Idle says he’s ‘gratefulafter surviving cancer

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'I am very fortunate and hopefully I can do a bit of good': Monty Python star Eric Idle, 79, says he's 'grateful to be alive' after surviving pancreatic cancer as he raises money for research Monty Python star Eric Id...

Did the Covid jab make a famous doctor’s cancer WORSE?

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Did the Covid jab make a famous doctor's cancer WORSE? Belgian immunonologist claims his lymphoma exploded like 'fireworks' after getting boosterImmunologist was diagnosed with cancer of the immune system last summer ...

Potential cancer breakthrough as experts discover how tumours spread

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Potential cancer breakthrough as scientists finally discover how tumours 'hijack' healthy cells to spread around the bodyCancer cells ‘hijack’ a process used by healthy cells to spread around the body Metastasis — wh...

Woman’s ‘cancer vanished after using cannabis and magic mushrooms

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Cancer-stricken woman's disease vanished... only to return when 49-year-old stopped taking cannabis oil and magic mushroomsUnnamed woman was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in August 2018 She took cannabinoid oil...

Bad lifestyles lead to 400 preventable cancer cases a day experts warn

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Bad lifestyles lead to 400 needless cancer cases a day... with junk food, alcohol and sunbathing among the biggest contributors, experts warnAround 400 preventable cancers are caught a day in the UK, experts warn Caus...

Statins ‘could treat prostate cancer’, trial finds

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Statins 'could treat prostate cancer': Cholesterol-busting drugs starve stubborn tumours, first of its kind trial finds11 out of 12 prostate cancer patients saw their tumour growth slow after statins This indicated th...

DJ Stu Allan dies aged 60 after losing cancer battle

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DJ Stu Allan dies aged 60: 90s dance music legend passes away after battling cancer for almost a yearThe nineties dance music legend's death was announced on social media on Thursday in a heartfelt statement Followin...

Eric Idle survived ‘lethalpancreatic cancer after early diagnosis

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Monty Python star Eric Idle, 79, reveals he survived 'lethal' pancreatic cancer after rare early diagnosis - with his 'lucky' escape motivating him to take part in The Masked SingerThe comedian feels 'very fortunate' ...

Flawed breast cancer surgeries leave women at risk of a relapse

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Flawed breast cancer surgeries leave thousands of women at risk of a relapse, review warnsOne in five women having insufficient breast tissue removed during procedures Leaves them with a higher chance of cancer recurr...