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Armed members of Mexico’s National Guard patrol Cancun beaches

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Sole, sea and SOLDIERS! Armed members of Mexico's National Guard comb Cancun beaches to keep tourists safe from cartel violenceMembers of Mexico's National Guard were photographed patrolling Cancun's hotel zone on Sun...

Two pilots are killed as plane crashes at gender reveal party, Cancun

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Horrifying moment two pilots are killed as plane crashes during gender reveal party in Cancun while flying over boat whose terrified guests included the expectant parentsThe Cessna 206 had made a swooping turn over t...

Man ‘murdered girlfriend and her friend over their trip to Cancun

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Addetto alle correzioni del New Jersey, 23, 'murdered his girlfriend and her best friend' because she went to Cancun with pals for Valentine's Day and didn't answer his callsJohn Menendez, 23, faces two counts of murder stem...

Ted Cruz says wife Heidi is ‘p***edher texts about Cancun leaked

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Ted Cruz says wife Heidi is 'p***ed' her group texts about their Cancun trip were leaked, tells neighbors 'don’t be a**holes' and claims that politics has become 'nasty'The Texas senator, 50, faced fierce backlash af...

SNL skewers Ted Cruz for his Cancun escape and mocks Governor Cuomo

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'I am in hot water.... which no one in Texas has': SNL skewers Ted Cruz for his Cancun escape and mocks Gov. Cuomo over his deadly nursing home scandal.... but STILL continues to give President Biden a passSNL's cold...