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Alex Morgan, 23, was choked to death with a candle by an aristocrat

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Die seun het met 'n kers doodgestik - en die ryk kindermoordenaar wat ligweg probeer afkom het: Hoe 'n ma uiteindelik geregtigheid vir haar seun gekry het, 23, wat vermoor is deur 'n dwelm-mal aristokraat op 'n Switserse ski-reis Alex Mor...

Audio captures cry for help from woman trapped in KY candle factory

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'The wall is stuck on me': Horrifying audio captures cry for help from woman trapped in Kentucky candle factory leveled by powerful tornadoThe video, credited to Kyanna Lou, is largely in complete darkness with multi...

Candle lit for Covid patient burns down hospital ward, killing three

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Candle lit in memory of Covid-19 patient burns down Ukrainian intensive care unit, killing three peopleA hospital employee in Kosiv lit the tribute in accordance with local tradition It was held in the intensive car...

Keep you al fresco meals bug free with this stylish citronella candle

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Are bugs ruining your al fresco meals? This citronella candle will help banish mosquitoes and flies this summer - and it's surprisingly stylish Products featured in this Mail Best article are independently selected b...

Kentucky candle factory staff threatened with sack as tornado struck

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Kentucky candle factory staff with more than 100 workers on shift 'would be fired if they left as tornado bore down on them' leaving eight dead and ten missingWorkers were on the night shift on Friday when tornado hi...

Teenage boy ‘sparked explosionafter his DEODORANT spray hit a candle

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Teenage boy 'sparked explosion that destroyed his family's high-rise home after using DEODORANT too close to a candle' - leaving him with severe burnsAtrin Behazadi, 13, caused an explosion when deodorant sprayed ont...