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Cannibal cartels: Mexican drug gang feast on their rivals’ hearts

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Mexican drug cartels force new members into cannibalism and film them eating killing rivals and eating their heartsThe Jalisco New Generation Cartel is making new recruits eat human flesh  It shares videos of members...

Disney’s ‘disgusting’ new film Fresh is about a serial killer CANNIBAL

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So long Cinderella, hello Hannibal Lecter! Disney’s 'disgusting' new film Fresh is about a serial killer CANNIBAL who seduces women then carves them up to sell their body parts to rich, hungry customersFresh will sta...

French cannibal escapes and attacks woman before recapture

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French cannibal escapes psychiatric unit and attacks a woman before being chased away and recapturedA French cannibal who murdered a farmer before cooking his heart and tongue with white beans briefly escaped custody...

‘Cannibal’ charged after Idaho police find body parts of 70-year-old

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'Cannibal', 39, is charged after Idaho police find microwaved body parts of 70-year-old victim that murder suspect allegedly ate to 'cure his brain'An Idaho man was charged with cannibalism and first-degree murder la...

Russian cannibal stabbed three people and ate raw flesh with vodka

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Cannibal killer who stabbed three people to death and ate their raw flesh with vodka is jailed for life in RussiaVladimir Yadne, 32, killed and ate two men and a woman in Siberian village He had a dispute with a man,...

‘Cannibal’ solar flare triggers spectacular Northern Lights display

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'Cannibal' solar flares trigger spectacular Northern Lights display across the US with vivid night-time hues seen as far south as California and ConnecticutThree solar flares, called coronal mass ejections (CMEs), re...

Oklahoma ‘cannibal’ receives 12-year-sentence after illegal castration

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'Cannibal' who castrated volunteer at $45-a-night Oklahoma Airbnb cabin called 'Bob's weekend wonders' is sentenced to 12 years in prison: Husband who helped operate then offered to snitch on him is releasedBob Lee A...