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Brazilian canyon collapses on boats, killing at least five

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Shocking moment Brazilian canyon collapses on boats, killing at least five, seriously injuring nine and leaving 20 missing Part of a Brazilian canyon fell on top of two tourist boats and sent debris flying to other v...

Ongelooflike oomblik wat 'n PRIVATE JET deur 'Star Wars Canyon brul’

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Werklike rebellevlieënier! Ongelooflike oomblik wat 'n PRIVATE JET deur 'n nou pas in Kalifornië se 'Star Wars Canyon' Aviation-fotograaf Christopher McGreevy brul, het die asemrowende vlug van 'n Dassault Falcon 8X vasgevang..

Katie Price shares a kiss with Carl Woods during Grand Canyon trip

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Katie Price, 43, shares a kiss with fiancé Carl Woods, 32, during Grand Canyon trip - as they gear up for Las Vegas weddingKatie, 43, surprised fans when she revealed she was travelling to Vegas with Carl, 32, days a...

Man sterf deur selfmoord nadat hy 'n motor oor die westelike rand van Grand Canyon gery het

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Man maak homself dood deur motor van die Grand Canyon se westelike rand af te ry, dit is 4,000 voet hoog 'n Ongeïdentifiseerde man het na bewering Woensdag met sy motor van die rand van Grand Canyon-Wes af gery in 'n skynbare Lea Cooper, mark...

Billion-year ‘gapin Grand Canyon geological record explained

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'There's more than a billion years that's gone:' Mysterious 'gap' in Grand Canyon's geological record was likely caused by violent quakes when the ancient supercontinent Rodinia broke apartThe 'Great Unconformity' re...

Brit had holes in parachute when he plunged to death in Grand Canyon

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British holidaymaker, 55, plunged to his death in Grand Canyon skydive bought as an anniversary gift by his wife - after being given parachute that was patched with holes waiting to be repaired, inquest hearsChristop...

Grand Canyon basketball player Oscar Frayer, 23, dies in car crash

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Grand Canyon basketball player Oscar Frayer, 23, is killed in car crash with his sister and a friend when their SUV veers off the road and into a police cruiser just three days after he played in the NCAA TournamentG...

Rock climber falls 95 feet to his death in Death Valley canyon

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Ervare rotsklimmer, 38, val 95 feet to his death after triggering rock slide in Death Valley canyonJustin Ibershoff, 38, died while climbing Deimos Canyon on Saturday He was descending the canyon when he ste...

Mars’s answer to the Grand Canyon probed by NASA

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Mars's answer to the Grand Canyon: NASA probe snaps spectacular images of the Red Planet's Valles Marineris – the largest canyon in the Solar SystemThe chasm, called Valles Marineris, is more than 2,500 miles long, t ...