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Go woke, [object Window]: Policy Exchange think-tank defends capitalism

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Go woke, [object Window], warns think-tank as it launches defence of profit-driven capitalism Businesses must beware of becoming too ‘woke’ at the expense of their financial performance, a leading conservative think-tank ha...

‘Woke capitalismcould derail post-pandemic recovery, report warns

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'Woke capitalism' could derail our post-pandemic recovery by taking the focus away from making a profit, report warnsReport by Adam Smith Institute says companies should ditch 'woke capitalism' Efforts to wade into s...

BLM activists tell students white supremacy, capitalism ruins society

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'Crime is made up': Woke teachers force middle school pupils to listen to BLM activists claim black people who commit crime are being 'enslaved' by being sent to jail and society is being ruined by 'white supremacy a...

ALEX BRUMMER: KPMG scandal is blow to clean capitalism

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Blow to clean capitalism: The audit failures at KPMG read like a Who's Who of business, says ALEX BRUMMER The audit and governance failures at Big Four company KPMG read like a Who's Who of business. KPMG was deeply ...