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UK’s largest carbon capture project turns CO2 into sodium bicarbonate

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UK's largest carbon capture project will turn 40,000 tonnes of CO2 into sodium bicarbonate for dialysis machines, pharmaceutical tablets and BAKING SODA every yearA facility that turns carbon dioxide into sodium bica...

Scientists capture image of black hole at centre of Milky Way galaxy

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'The gentle giant in the centre of our galaxy': Astronomers reveal FIRST EVER image of Sagittarius A* - the supermassive black hole at the heart of the Milky WayScientists have captured a remarkable image of a superm...

[object Window]

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[object Window], 41, [object Window] - [object Window], met 40 doodmaak, hy het die reg gehad om te doen.

‘Maar moet jou vis gaan stap?

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‘Maar moet jou vis gaan stap?, ‘Maar moet jou vis gaan stap?! Hierdie bisarre slaapkamerontwerpe is alles behalwe rustig Een amusante prent wys 'n bed wat soos 'n voet en ano gevorm is..

Award-winning photos capture agony and ecstasy of childbirth

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Striking birth photos capture the agony and ecstasy of labor and delivery, from heart-wrenching images documenting infant loss to emotional pictures of mothers' first embraces with their newbornsWARNING: MATURE AND G...

Stunning photos capture extreme skier on mountains in the Himalayas

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Now THAT'S off-piste: Stunning photographs capture extreme skier who uses crampons to reach powder fields at the top of 19,000ft Himalayan peaks in PakistanAmerican backcountry skier Luke Smithwick first visited the ...

Surkov, Surkov

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Surkov, Surkov: Die voormalige Oekraïense leier blaas op terwyl hy AK47 gebruik en sê 'gewone mense staan ​​tou om te veg'.. Die voormalige Oekraïense leier blaas op terwyl hy AK47 gebruik en sê 'gewone mense staan ​​tou om te veg'..

Rare sighting of bald eagle capture in NYC

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Bald eagle is spotted catching a bird mid-air over the Central Park Reservoir before landing on the ice in rare NYC sightingA rare sighting of a bald eagle was spotted in NYC over the course of the past week as the c...

Satellites capture brilliant ‘outburstsfrom Comet Leonard

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NASA and the European Space Agency capture brilliant 'outbursts' from Comet Leonard as the bright green iceball passes by Earth for the first time in 70,000 YEARSComet Leonard was discovered in January 2021 by astron...

Amazing images capture young barn owl enjoying a run

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'Ek voel asof al wat ek voortdurend doen, net probeer om al my depressie en pyn op hierdie stadium te ontsnap, I could win the twoo hundred metres! Amazing images capture young barn owl enjoying a run to strengthen its muscles before taking flightHannie Heere, 64, caught a little barn owl learning to fly in the ...

German soldier’s photos capture weary Nazis fighting in Warsaw

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The truth Hitler tried to hide: Extraordinary never-before-seen photos taken by a German soldier capture weary and unkempt Nazis fighting in the Warsaw UprisingThe photographs were taken between September 2-13, 1944 ...

Incredible archival images capture Chicago during the 1940s

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'Golden age of newspaper photography': Incredible images capture Chicago's people, places and World War II soldiers in the 1940s - from a five million picture archive saved by a museumThe Chicago-Sun Times had a phot...

Gardener child’s car BOOSTER SEAT to capture rampaging black boar

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Gardener tells how he used his child's car BOOSTER SEAT to capture rampaging black boar that terrorised golf club and left two players in hospitalJames Hart, 45, described coming face to face with the 'flipping massi...

Indelible black-and-white images capture the NYPD in ’70s and ’80s

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'They see it all; I saw enough': Photographer who spent years on New York City streets – and drinking - with the NYPD captured in black-and-white images the arrests and camaraderie of the violent and turbulent 1970s ...

Lugskote neem die beste van die Britse platteland vas vir hommeltuigkompetisie

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Brittanje uit die lug... deur DRONE: Asemrowende lugfoto's vang skoonheid van die Verenigde Koninkryk van bo af vir kompetisie wat die beste van hommeltuigfotografie vier 'n Reeks verbluffende lugfoto's het die beste van Briti vasgevang..

Tesla cameras capture woman REPEATEDLY keying the car

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Granny with a grudge: Tesla's onboard cameras capture elderly woman repeatedly keying car in Louisiana parking lot after she lost out on the spot The Tesla's dashcam recorded the incident in Baton Rouge on September ...

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