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Two cosmonauts carry out the first spacewalk of 2022 VANDAG

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Watch live as two cosmonauts carry out the first spacewalk of 2022 to prepare the new Russian ISS docking port to receive its first spaceship in MarchCosmonauts Anton Shkaplerov and Pyotr Dubrov were selected for the...

Fathers of newly discovered rog species carry tadpoles on their bodies

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Scientists discover new 'hip-pocket' species of frog in Australia but they're already endangered because of the country's bushfires: Male members carry tadpoles on their backs until they're able to grow legs of their...

Troubles veteran Dennis Hutchings family demand troops carry coffin

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'Even Jimmy Savile had a military funeral': Disgusted family of Troubles veteran Dennis Hutchings demand troops carry coffin at his funeral amid growing backlash at Ministry of Defence for refusing the honourFamily o...

Lifeguards CARRY 95-year-old wheelchair-bound woman to beach chair

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Tot die redding! Alabama lifeguards CARRY 95-year-old woman to her beach chair every day for a week after spotting her daughter struggling to push her wheelchair through the sandDottie Schneider, 95, had been looking f...

Troubles veteran’s regiment ‘refuses to let soldiers carry coffin

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The final betrayal: Fury as Troubles veteran Dennis Hutchings's regiment 'refuses to let soldiers carry his coffin'Top military brass allegedly blocked a request to carry Dennis Hutchings's coffin The family of the ...

North Korea says new hypersonic missile could carry nuclear warhead

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North Korea boasts that its newest hypersonic missile could carry a nuclear warhead after successful test flightNorth Korea said the new missile is an important part of its 'strategic' weaponry State media released a...

MG5 EV se dakrails is vir versiering en nie veilig om gewig te dra nie

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Van die spoor af: MG sê dakrelings op sy elektriese gesinsmotor is slegs vir 'versiering' en die dra van 'n vrag 'kan tot ongelukke of skade lei' - ten spyte van die verkoop van bagasiebalke en fietsrek, is MG5 EV 'n uitverkorene..

Skilled hauliers carry huge 220ft rotor blades through tiny villages

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Spieël, signal and one heck of a manoeuvre: Skilled hauliers negotiate huge 220ft rotor blades through tiny villages and narrow roadsHaulier company P. Adams Schwertentransporte shared the astonishing images The Lux...

Carry On and Friday Night Dinner star Rosalind Knight dies aged 87

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'She will be greatly missed by all who knew her: Veteran actress Rosalind Knight, star of Carry On and Friday Night Dinner, sterf bejaardes 87 Veteran actress Rosalind Knight, famed for her roles in Friday Night Dinner and...