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Former education tsar criticises Rishi Sunak’s ‘meagrecatch-up plans

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Former education tsar criticises Rishi Sunak's 'meagre' catch-up plans as he says the Government's extra cash to address Covid disruption is 'not enough' and warns pupils will leave school with lower skillsRishi Suna...

Celebrity school catch-up class: Stumped by your child’s homework?

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Celebrity school catch-up class: Are you stumped by your child's homework? Can't tell your atoms from your ox-bow? Maybe you need some help from our experts Every parent is familiar with that moment of panic. From th...

Quasi 75% of secondary schools in England will hold catch-up classes

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Quasi 75% of secondary schools in England will hold 'catch-up' classes for more than 500,000 pupils over the summer break - despite many teachers saying they needed a 'proper break'DfE said 2,820 mainstream secondar...

Gavin Williamson squirms over schools Covid catch-up plan

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Gavin Williamson squirms as he says he 'absolutely' trusts schools Covid catch-up tsar despite only allocating a TENTH of the £15bn funding he urged and shelving longer daysEducation leaders slammed Boris Johnson's '...

Gavin Williamson hint on longer school days amid £700m Covid catch-up

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Gavin Williamson says school day could be EXTENDED as he hails 'boost for children' with £700million Covid catch-up package including summer classes - but experts warn it could take TEN YEARS to heal 'educational sca...

Pupils will have to attend ‘catch-up classesduring summer

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Pupils will have to attend 'catch-up classes' during the summer holidays as schools are given 'hundreds of millions' to help pupils who have fallen behind during CovidSchools will draft in private tutors and pay teac...