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Quango behind smart motorways blows £400,000 on name change

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Quango behind controversial smart motorways blows £400,000 on name changeHighways England is spending £400,000 to rebrand as National Highways It wants to shed its toxic image following the criticism of smart motorwa...

Truss ‘advises Charles to stay away from Cop27 climate change summit

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Liz Truss ‘advises King Charles to stay away from the Cop27 climate change summit’ despite the new monarch’s plans to give a major speech to world leadersKing Charles will not attend the Cop27 climate change summit ne...

Climate change zealots say they will bring London to standstill

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Cost-of-living protests to sweep Britain tomorrow as Just Stop Oil, Insulate Britain and Jeremy Corbyn team up to lead London demo while campaigners also plan 50 events across countryJust Stop Oil is hoping for 1,500 ...

Big hint our $5 note could change after Queen Elizabeth II’s death

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Big hint our $5 note could change after Queen Elizabeth II's deathKing Charles III will replace Her Majesty on Australian coins from next year But this is not a requirement for the $5 note and her portrait was a des...

‘Rewildingcities could protect humanity against climate change

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'Rewilding' cities by creating nature corridors and wild spaces could protect humanity against the worst impacts of climate change, report suggestsGlobally, two-thirds of people are set to live in cities and other are...

Queen’s favourite tree threatened by climate change

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How the Queen's favourite tree is at risk from climate change: Two-thirds of urban species, including Her Majesty's beloved oak, are threatened by rising temperatures, study warnsTrees absorb carbon dioxide, provide s...