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Harvey Weinstein is extradited to Los Angeles for sex assault charges

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ULTIME NOTIZIE: Harvey Weinstein is extradited from New York to LA to face sex assault chargesHarvey Weinstein, 69, was put on a plane from New York on Tuesday morning Prosecutors in Los Angeles have been seeking his...

Insegnante britannica in prigione in Kuwait nonostante sia stata ESCLUSA dall'accusa di droga

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Insegnante britannica languisce in una prigione "sovraffollata" nel deserto del Kuwait nonostante sia stata PROVATA dall'accusa di droga dopo che le autorità si sono rifiutate di liberarlaSara Assayed, 35, è stato arrestato a marzo 2019 in Kuwait con l'accusa di droga p...

James Stunt appears in court on trial for money laundering charges

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Petra Ecclestone's ex-husband James Stunt, 39, is flanked by his girlfriend, 24 as he arrives at court charged as part of ‘Britain’s biggest money laundering case’West Yorkshire Police investigated James Stunt for al...

Kyle Rittenhouse smiles after being found INNOCENT of all charges

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Kyle Rittenhouse smiles as he's swept away to start his new life after being found innocent of all charges: Lawyer reveals PTSD-suffering teen wants to relocate and become a NURSEKyle Rittenhouse was seen smiling in ...

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren and husband hit with firearms charges

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Rochester Mayor and her husband are hit with charges of firearms possession and endangering a child after unsecured guns were found in their home during raid where cops found large quantity of cocaine in carRochester...

Sex-crazed bull elephant charges trainee safari guides in South Africa

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Terrifying moment sex-crazed elephant overturns safari jeep at South African reserve before screaming passengers escape the vehicle and run for their livesTrainee safari guides were being driven around Selati Game R...

Hartin lawyer doubts charges will be upgraded to murder over cop death

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Jasmine Hartin's lawyer doubts the socialite's charges will be upgraded to murder over the shooting of Belize cop despite claiming 'there is all kinds of malice behind the hounding of this lady'Hartin, 32, La terza morte è collegata a un'epidemia di insetti al Royal Papworth Hospital ...

Il primo ruolo da attore di Purcell è stato quello di giornalista televisivo nella serie TV Cracker in

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Britney Griner, medaglia d'oro olimpica e All-Star WBNA, affronta 10 Britney Griner, medaglia d'oro olimpica e All-Star WBNA, affronta, 31, Britney Griner, medaglia d'oro olimpica e All-Star WBNA, affronta.

Home Alone star Devin Ratray arrested on domestic violence charges

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Home Alone star Devin Ratray is arrested on domestic violence charges after 'strangling his girlfriend and punching her after she gave fans his autograph for free': He's released on $25,000 bond after turning himself...

Man faces charges after missing teen uses hand signals from TikTok

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North Carolina 'pedophile', 61, is arrested after 'girl, 16, he'd abducted with his car used secret hand signal she learned on TIKTOK to show other drivers that she was in trouble'James Brick, 61, was arrested for ki...

NYC prosecutors DROP looting charges against hundreds

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Fury as New York prosecutors DROP looting charges against hundreds arrested during chaos last summer - with Manhattan DA 'too busy building his case against Trump'Manhattan and Bronx DAs have dropped hundreds of loot...

Tycoon Mike Lynch can be extradited to US to face charges, giudicare le regole

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'Bill Gates of Britain' Mike Lynch can be extradited to face criminal charges in US over claims he cooked the books at software firm he sold for £8bn, judge rulesLynch accused of cooking books before selling firm to ...

Angel Cabrera given two-year prison sentence on assault charges

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Former Masters and US Open winner Angel Cabrera given TWO-YEAR prison sentence on assault charges against his ex-partner, as prosecutor warns 'his situation is much more complex' with other charges of domestic abuse ...

Charges dropped against man who called village ‘a godforsaken place

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Charges dropped against a farmer, 75, whose billboard accused a Worcestershire village of being a 'lawless and godforsaken place'Carl Powell, 75, put up a billboard describing the village of Peopleton , Worcestershir...

Jailed breast surgeon Ian Paterson could face ‘fresh charges

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Jailed breast surgeon Ian Paterson could face 'fresh charges' after at least 70 more victims come forwardBreast surgeon serving 20 years for campaign of botched ops in West Midlands Dozens launch claims after £22mill...

Ex-officer jailed for ‘campaign of rape’ e 28 sex offence charges

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'Cruel and manipulative' ex Royal Hong Kong police officer, 63, who 'systematically' raped two girls and woman is jailed for 33 years after being convicted of 28 sexual offencesKen Chik, 63, of Hull, convicted of 28 ...