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JK Rowling challenges transgender presenter to SUE over trans charity

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JK Rowling challenges trans charity Mermaids to SUE her in Twitter spat after blasting celebrities for backing the organisation - even after trustee quit amid paedophile rowJK Rowling said Mermaids had achieved 'unpre...

Prince Harry’s wildlife charity under fire after elephants kill three

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Wildlife charity headed by Prince Harry is blasted after three men were killed by elephants following 'Dumbo-style' translocation of 260 of the animals in MalawiAfrican Parks, of which Harry is president, and another ...

Trans charity trustee steps down after controversial 2011 speech

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Trustee of transgender charity Mermaids resigns 'after giving speech at conference hosted by organisation that promotes services to paedophiles'LSE professor Dr Jacob Breslow stands down from Mermaids trustee role He ...

Trans charity Mermaids is a scandal unfolding before our eyes

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Why critics say trans charity Mermaids is a scandal unfolding before our eyes: A scheme to send 'harmful' breast binders to children behind parents' backs, and staff pushing puberty-blocking drugs. Is it time to withd...

Saskia Connery and Samantha Bond attend 007 charity auction

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Sean Connery's granddaughter Saskia and Miss Moneypenny actress Samantha Bond look glamorous at the star-studded James Bond charity auction where movie memorabilia is to raise millionsChristie's auction house in Londo...