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Meisie, 11, killed by meningitis could have been saved by basic check

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Meisie, 11, killed by meningitis could have been saved by blood pressure check: Parents of horse-loving youngster left 'bereft and bewildered' after inquest reveals nurse missed basic test at A&E Annalise Luffingham - ...

Male officer ‘sexually assaulted woman he was doing welfare check on

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Woman found it 'shocking' that a male rather than female officer was sent to do a welfare check before he 'sexually assaulted her in hotel' after she fled husband, court hearsWoman in her 20s said she expected a fema...

Hilarious selfies prove why you should double check before posting

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Kyk na jouself! People share selfies with unexpected backgrounds that shouldn't have made it on social media - including a woman who snapped herself on the toiletHilarious pictures show people who unwittingl...

How to check up on niche investment companies with flashy gains

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They're 'investment trusts' - but not as we know them: ADRIAN LOWERY explains how Isa savers can check up on niche investment companies with flashy gains It might not surprise our regular readers that the top perform...

Ranting pastor calls cops ‘Nazi psychopathsover Covid-19 rules check

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Ranting Canadian pastor calls cops 'Nazi psychopaths' and screams at them to leave after they entered his church to check he was following Covid rulesPastor Artur Pawlowski filmed himself screaming at officers and ci...

How do I check an old extension conforms to building regs?

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The period home we are buying has an old extension and loft conversion that might not conform to current building regulations: How do we check? We have just received our homebuyer report on the period property we wan...

Fact check: Biden skews figures on border and Trump taxes at presser

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How Biden stretched the truth at his first press conference: President falsely said he is sending back the 'majority' of migrants and exaggerated when he claimed '83% of Trump's tax cuts went to the top 1%'President ...

Indiana man killed four, abducted baby after stimulus check fight

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Indiana man, 25, 'shoots dead three adults and a child before abducting his baby daughter' after getting into a fight with the girl's mother because he wanted half her $1,400 stimulus checkPolice said Malik Halfacre,...

Tinder will roll out a background check feature this year

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Tinder will roll out a background check feature this year so users can see their potential date's criminal history using just their name and phone numberMatch Group-owned Tinder is set to let users conduct background...

Kyk na hierdie Zillow-lys vir 'n huis propvol MANNEQUINS

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'Straight up horror movie material!' Zillow listing for a home that is filled with dozens of MANNEQUINS leaves social media users horrifiedA Zillow listing for a $650,000 2,116 vk. ft. tuiste in South Lake Tahoe, Calif...

Check during prostate cancer treatment could spare men from worrying

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Rapid 30-second check during prostate cancer treatment could spare thousands of men from worrying about their recovery30 second health questionnaire could spare men worry after prostate treatment Check from The Men L...

Dog-owner has to check her sofa as dogs blend into velvet cushions

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Can YOU spot Rocco the French bulldog? New dog-owner discovers her lockdown pet matches her sofaTina Grantham, 44, bought French bulldogs Rocco and Vinnie during lockdown The nine-month-old puppies have merle marking...

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