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Taking antidepressants in pregnancy does NOT mean autistic children

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Taking antidepressants during pregnancy does NOT raise risk of having an autistic child, major study finds Drugs also do not make ADHD, learning or speech disorders any more likely There may be other factors at play ...

Australia to allow ISIS brides and their children home

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Islamic State brides and their children to be allowed back to Australia - spy chiefs urge end to hardline re-entry ban on those who joined up with terrorist groupAustralia to reverse policy and allow those who fled to...

How to create a reading nook for children

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Nooks to inspire a love of books: It's easy to create a space for little ones to pick up a page-turnerEvery child should have somewhere to fall into a book at home The ideal kids' reading nook requires three things: ...

Experts advise against giving children melatonin over poisoning fears

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Why you should NOT give your restless child melatonin: Experts warn pediatric poisonings have risen SIX-FOLD in last decade as it becomes go-to sleep supplementMelatonin should not be parents' go-to for their children...

Cop blew himself up as wife and children evacuated, neighbours claim

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EXCLUSIVE: Ex-Litvinenko terror cop doused his home in petrol and then blew himself up while his wife and children were evacuated to safety by police, neighbours claimEXCLUSIVE: Malcolm Baker, 60, died after a fire to...

Children in Hong Kong wear double Covid masks while playing the FLUTE

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Pro-China authorities in Hong Kong are mocked for forcing children to wear cumbersome double Covid masks while playing the FLUTE in propaganda videoVideo released by Hong Kong's Education Bureau ahead of China's Natio...