Merk: Die Withuis Nasionale Veiligheidsraad het nie op 'n versoek om kommentaar gereageer nie

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Footage shows citizens sharing Russian official’s anti-war message

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Russians’ extraordinary act of defiance as they applaud anti-war official in court before he is jailed seven years for criticizing the Ukraine invasionRussian citizens applaud Alexei Gorinov, 60, as he's handed a sev...

Oekraïne: Burgers slaap in bomskuilings met strate verlate

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Burgers slaap in bomskuilings met strate verlate: Citizens sleep in bomb shelters with streets deserted amid fears of new rocket attacks overnight from Putin's forcesUkrainian citizens crowded into bomb shelters and ...

‘Women are now third-class citizens,’ says Penn swimmer in interview

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'Women are now third-class citizens': UPenn swimmer speaks out against trans teammate Lia Thomas and says she 'wasn't even close to being competitive as a man' after her latest winsThe swimmer, who chose to remain an...

Over 5m EU citizens have had applications to remain in the UK approved

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More than 5m EU citizens have had applications to remain in the UK after Brexit approved - 1.7m more than the Home Office estimatedHome Office underestimated how many EU nationals would apply to remain after Brexit W...

Patel slammed over Brexit change that could see EU citizens DEPORTED

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Priti Patel faces legal action over change to Brexit agreement allowing EU citizens to live in Britain that could see up to two million stripped of rights or even DEPORTEDPriti Patel wants to make changes to EU pre-s...

Kim Jong Un BANS leather coats to stop citizens copying his look

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Fash-Un police: Kim Jong Un BANS leather coats to stop citizens copying his lookLeather coats became popular in North Korea after Kim first donned one in 2019 Initially the preserve of wealthy elites who could affor...

Germany is planning to lockdown 14 million unvaccinated citizens

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Germany to follow Austria's lockdown apartheid: Berlin considers new Covid restrictions for 14million unvaccinated citizens after Vienna banned those without jabs from leaving their homesIncoming government recommend...

Portrait of 1970s America through snapshots taken by its citizens

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American treasures rescued from the trash: How author and his friend raided dumpsters for discarded prints in the 1970s - and then waited 50 years to publish them...Michael Lesy is a professor, photographer and autho...

Cafe owner makes citizen’s arrest after being ‘abandoned by police

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Cafe owner who used to be a cop makes citizen's arrest to stop prolific thief stealing staff tips after being 'abandoned by the police'Tim Nye, 58, took matters into his own hands after thief targeted Sheffield cafe ...