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Man who claimed leg was deliberately broken in football loses case

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Elektrisiën, 34, who claimed his leg was deliberately broken by a 'cheesed-off' opponent during a friendly football game loses £150,000 court fightBilly Coppins, 34, blamed tackle by Tony Wrigley during friendly game...

Blairs het byna £80 000 in belastingbetalersfondse geëis deur verlofkontant

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So sal Blairs nou verlof kontant terugbetaal? Paartjie het byna £80 000 in belastingbetalersfondse geëis om lone van personeel by Lady Cherie Blair se prokureursfirma te dek - ondanks hul private rykdom het Tony en Cherie Blair byna £8 geëis..

Sales manager nicknamed ‘Tan FMclaimed he was bullied and harassed

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Sales manager claimed he was bullied and harassed at work after he was nicknamed 'Tan FM' because he talked so much that he was like a radio stationTan Afsar, an executive at a large biotechnology company, was a chat...

Mystery of Maxwell’s millions: Socialite claimed she had ‘just£2.6m

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The mystery of Maxwell's millions: Sex-trafficker socialite claimed she had 'just' £2.6m to her name when she was arrested last year despite being wired £22m by Epstein - amid claims she transferred wealth to tech CE...

IRA claimed they had dug Maze prison tunnel as ‘occupational therapy

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IRA claimed they had dug Maze prison escape tunnel to keep inmates busy and off drugs and they would never have used it to flee, Irish state papers revealThe Maze, in Co Down, was home to paramilitary prisoners durin...

Two out of three people seeking refuge in UK claimed to be under 18

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Die 1,100 asylum seekers who pretend to be children: Two out of three people seeking refuge in UK claimed to be under 18... but lied about their true age, new data suggestsMore than 1,100 migrants who claimed to be u...

Mother who falsely claimed handouts is told to pay just £11 a month

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Benefits cheat is given 686 years to repay £100,000: Ma van vier, 41, who blew a fortune on five-star holidays while claiming handouts is told to give back just £11 a monthClaire Finney, 41, has been spared jail a...

Security company falsely claimed burglaries increase over summer

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Home security alarm company falsely claimed burglaries increase during the summer holidays, Advertising Standards Authority rulesVerisure alarms claimed residential burglaries increased over the summer The alarm comp...

Migrant faked diabetic coma then claimed political asylum in Majorca

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Migrant faked diabetic coma then claimed political asylum when he got to hospital while 15 of his friends who jumped from plane and ran away when it made emergency landing in Majorca are still on the runFlight was di...

Tycoon ‘claimed millionsafter saying he had not taken public cash

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Billionaire propety tycoon who entertained England football stars on his £40m yacht 'claimed up to £6million taxpayer furlough cash despite saying he borrowed nothing from Government during Covid pandemic'John Christ...

NHS nurse claimed she was secretly hypnotised to make her fart at work

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NHS nurse who claimed she was secretly hypnotised at work causing her to fart against her will loses lawsuit after she was sacked for refusing to see a psychiatristXandra Samson insisted she had covertly hypnotised t...

Peter Thiel allegedly claimed Zuckerberg made deal with Trump

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Peter Thiel claimed Zuckerberg agreed to push 'state-sanctioned conservatism' if Trump avoided 'heavy-handed regulations' of social media giant, new book saysMark Zuckerberg agreed not to fact-check political posts i...

‘True storyclaimed to have inspired 12 Angry Men revealed as fiction

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'True story' that 12 Angry Men writer claimed inspired the classic film is revealed as a work of pure fictionNew research suggests the 'true story' 12 Angry men is based on was fiction Reginald Rose claimed he wrote ...

Mum claimed she had terminal cancer to scam £22,000 from well-wishers

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Moeder-van-twee, 27, survived cancer but claimed it came back as TERMINAL to scam £22,000 from well-wishers on Facebook - including man who cycled 1,000 miles to raise cash for her familyMegan Scotcher, from Ripley, De...

Billionaire tax exiles claimed millions under the furlough scheme

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Super-wealthy subsidised by the taxpayer: Saudi royals, billionaire tax exiles, and the Qatari owners of Harrods are among those who have claimed millions of pounds under the furlough scheme, investigation revealsWe...

'N Vrou beweer dat sy swanger is, ondanks die feit dat hy 'n maagd is

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Ma onthul dat sy swanger geraak het by 20 while still a VIRGIN when she and her boyfriend found 'other ways' to be intimate because of rare condition that prevented her from having sexNicole Moore, 28, van Portsmouth, ...

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