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Jeremy Clarkson’s farming neighbours back Diddly Squat restaurant

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Jeremy Clarkson's neighbours back the Top Gear star's plan for Diddly Squat restaurant that would have created 25 jobs and given local farms an outlet for their produceClarkson's innovative restaurant plans were turn...

Jeremy Clarkson’s Diddly Squat farm sponsors non-league side

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Eat your heart out Ryan Reynolds! Jeremy Clarkson becomes the latest celebrity to invest in a football club as his Diddly Squat farm sponsors non-league side Chadlington FCGrand Tour presenter Jeremy Clarkson is spon...

Clarkson’s Farm’s Kaleb Cooper confirms filming is ‘well underway

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Clarkson's Farm star Kaleb Cooper confirms filming for series 2 is 'well underway' and says he is 'enjoying every minute of it' Kaleb Cooper has confirmed filming for series two of Clarkson's Farm is now 'well underw...

Jeremy Clarkson’s plans to open restaurant at his Farm thrown in doubt

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Jeremy Clarkson's plans to open new 60-seater restaurant at his Diddly Squat Farm are thrown into doubt over fears the land may be too TOXIC to build onJeremy Clarkson, 61, has submitted plans to open a 60-seater caf...

Eco-warriors dump tonnes of compost over Jeremy Clarkson’s Range Rover

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EKSKLUSIEF: Jeremy Clarkson is gobsmacked as eco-warriors dump three tonnes of MUSHROOM COMPOST over his gleaming Range Rover in protest over his extension plans for Diddly Squat farmClarkson, 61, was left speechless ...

Clarkson’s farm is vandalised as protesters daub graffiti across shop

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Jeremy Clarkson's Diddly Squat farm is vandalised as protesters daub 'Save Our Turf, Save The Earth' graffiti across shopJeremy Clarkson, 61, opened shop last year and has met opposition to expansion Onlookers said p...

Die polisie probeer om Jeremy Clarkson se planne te rem

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EDEN VERTROULIK: Die polisie probeer remme slaan op Jeremy Clarkson se planne om sy winkel Diddly Squat Farm uit te brei Toe Jeremy Clarkson 'n TV -vervaardiger tref wat nie kon verseker dat hy 'n warm ete na 'n afspraak kry nie..

Kelly Clarkson’s prenup UPHELD by judge in divorce battle

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Kelly Clarkson's prenup is UPHELD by judge in divorce battle with Brandon Blackstock - protecting $45M fortune: Star 'let out a scream' when she found out on set of The VoiceA judge is said to have agreed with Clark...

Clarkson’s Farm will return for a SECOND series on Amazon Prime

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Clarkson's Farm will RETURN for a second series on Amazon Prime as Jeremy says he is 'delighted' to be back filming with farmhand Kaleb Jeremy Clarkson's hit show Clarkson's Farm will return for a second series on Am...

Crowds flock to Jeremy Clarkson’s farm shop

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Cotswolds chaos! Hundreds of customers queue outside as crowds flock to Jeremy Clarkson's farm shopJeremy Clarkson's new Amazon show chronicles his life on his Cotswolds farm The popularity of the show has led to que...

Woede van dorpenaars wat naby Jeremy Clarkson se Didley Squat-plaaswinkel woon

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Woedende dorpenaars wat naby Jeremy Clarkson se plaas woon, ontplof die ster terwyl baie toeriste paaie versper om selfies in sy Didley Squat-winkel te neem., wat die raad dwing om keëls uit te sit om verkeersopeenhopings van drie uur te stop en ...

Wie is Jeremy Clarkson se in Ierland gebore vennoot Lisa Hogan?

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The ex-model who's keeping up with Clarkson! Irish-born Lisa Hogan who was 'discovered' by John Cleese and survived a crash on her Baron ex-husband's jet proves she's more than a match for Jeremy on the farm (and eve...

Clarkson se regterhandse vroue: No-nonsense herderin en boerdery pro

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Clarkson se regterhandse vroue: Van die herderin wat 'n pint in kan aflê 11 'n paar sekondes na die glansryke boereprofiel wat haar hare oor die Lamborghini-trekker van die ster op die Amazon-vertoning getrek het..

Jeremy Clarkson’s former mistress claims she ‘suffered a breakdown

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'He was the love of my life': Jeremy Clarkson's former mistress Phillipa Sage claims she had 'breakdown' after their split as she speaks about their relationship for the first timeJeremy was accused of having an affa...

PRAAT VAN DIE DORP: Jeremy Clarkson’s £21million in online losses

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PRAAT VAN DIE DORP: Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May post £21million loss for their DriveTribe online car community Petrolheads Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May may have made millions throug...