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Trump calls Cassidy Hutchinson a ‘phony social climber

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Trump calls Cassidy Hutchinson a 'phony social climber' and claims she got caught in a lie as he says January 6 committee should be 'forced to disband'Former President Donald Trump continued to go after his one-time ...

Vroue in haar 50's sterf nadat sy van 'n piek in Snowdonia geval het

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Vroueklimmer in haar 50's sterf nadat sy van 3 000 voet hoë piek in Snowdonia geval het. Die tragedie het volgens die bergreddingspan op Glyder Fach gebeur Die vrou, wat in haar 50's was, geklim het 50 voete toe sy val...

Rock climber crosses entire apartment without touching the ground

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The floor is lava! Rock climber clings to her fireplace and curtain rail as she crosses apartment without touching the groundMadeline Brandt, 28, climbs through entire home in Providence, Rhode Island Berkeley PhD gr...

Mountain climber crosses room without touching newly-painted floor

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He’s painted himself into a corner! Home renovator uses his mountain climbing skills to cross room without touching the wet floorBen Townsend, 34, had just painted floor of his apartment in Fort Wayne, Indiana He rea...

Free solo climber scales London’s Stratosphere building in Stratford

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Free solo climber George King, 21, who was jailed for six months for climbing The SHARD, successfully scales London's 36-storey Stratosphere building in StratfordGeorge King, 21, scaled London's 36-storey residential...

Climber captures dizzying footage as he scales 2,422ft rock in NH, VSA

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What goes up... Climber captures dizzying footage as he scales 2,400ft rock spire in New Hampshire - and then reveals how he gets down againNoah Kane, 22, is seen climbing The Eaglet in New Hampshire in June 2021 Die...