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Hurricane Ian’s deadly path of destruction on Gulf Coast

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Monster Ian's path of destruction: How 155mph hurricane unleashed deadly storm surge on Florida's Gulf Coast of more than 9ft - decimating homes, wiping out bridges and leaving 'hundreds' deadThe area surrounding Fort...

British scuba diver, 29, dies exploring shipwreck off Albanian coast

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Female British scuba diver, 29, dies while exploring a shipwreck off Albanian resort town as instructor, 45, is arrestedBriton, 29, was taking part in dive off coast of Saranda, Albania, on Monday Woman - who has not...

Strong 7.5 earthquake hits Mexico’s southwest coast

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At least one dead and two buildings are damaged after a 7.5-magnitude earthquake hit Mexico's Pacific coast and triggered a tsunami alertThe earthquake shook Mexico's Pacific coast on Monday Buildings swayed during th...