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Pallbearer’s mother had no idea he would be carrying Queen’s coffin

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'We had NO idea he would be carrying The Queen's coffin': Mother admits her surprise that Morpeth-born British soldier son, 19, took part in the late monarch's funeral as pallbearerDavid Sanderson was one of the eight...

EXCLUSIVE: Queen’s pallbearers who carried Her Majesty’s coffin

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EXCLUSIVE: Revealed: The Queen's hero pallbearers who carried the 'responsibility of a nation' on their shoulders include 'underdog' whose 'sole ambition' was to parade for monarch, a Sandhurst instructor and a muscul...

Family and friends praise pallbearers who carried the Queen’s coffin

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'Flawless under pressure with the world watching on - you've done your village proud': Family and friends heap praise on pallbearers who carried the Queen's coffin - as Brits petition to set up a 'drinks fund' for the...

Man who approached Queen’s coffin ‘wanted to check that she was dead

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Man who grabbed Royal Standard flag draped over Queen's coffin at lying in state in Westminster Hall 'wanted to check for himself that she was dead' and wanted to trespass at Buckingham PalaceMuhammad Khan, 28, planne...

Echo of Diana with flowers scattered on hearse carrying Queen’s coffin

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Echo of Diana with flowers scattered on state hearse: Queen's funeral evoked memories of 25 years ago as state hearse made its way to Windsor Castle covered in blooms thrown by mournersTens of thousands of mourners li...

Emosionele Charles wat deur Anne dopgehou word terwyl hulle agter koningin se kis aanstap

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'n Koning se hartseer: Emosionele Charles word deur besorgde prinses Anne dopgehou terwyl hulle agter hul ma se kis loop by staatsbegrafnis vir die koningin - en nuwe monarg blyk 'n traan af te vee terwyl sy ter ruste gelê word...