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Mourners are caught carrying COFFIN over UK’s busiest level crossing

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It's your funeral! Rail bosses issue warning after mourners are caught carrying a COFFIN across UK's busiest level crossingThe picture was released of people at Tide Mills level crossing, near Bishopstone Network Ra...

Sheldon Adelson’s coffin lands in Israel and is buried in Jerusalem

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Billionaire Vegas casino mogul and Trump mega- donor Sheldon Adelson's coffin arrives in Israel and is greeted by Benjamin Netanyahu ahead of his burial in JerusalemBillionaire Sheldon Adelson died Monday aged 87, La...

How Covid has been the nail in the coffin for many local bank branches

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How Covid's killed the High St bank: It's been the nail in the coffin for so many local branches that - as our poll shows - are a lifeline for customersOur survey reveals most of us still rely on our high street bank...

Egyptian mummy ‘doesn’t match the name on 3,000-year-old coffin

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An ancient case of mistaken identity? Egyptian mummy is revealed NOT to be the noblewoman named on the 3,000-year-old coffinExperts from Macquarie University in Sydney detail the discovery in a new paper The coffin a...

Crematorium bans Union flag draped over World War II veteran’s coffin

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Crematorium is slammed after it banned Union flag being draped over World War II veteran's coffin because of 'Covid rules'Major Frank Clark's family told they couldn't have flag by Southend Crematorium They said the ...

Son of Falklands hero is among pallbearers carrying Philip’s coffin

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Son of Falklands hero Colonel 'H' Jones is among pallbearers carrying Philip's coffin led by Grenadier Guard whose grandfather was an officer at Queen's coronationDeputy Colonel of The Rifles, Major General Rupert Jo...

Mother’s ‘prideat Grenadier Guard son carrying Prince Philip coffin

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Mother's 'pride' at watching Grenadier Guard son carry Prince Philip's coffin as the world watched his funeral - six years after he met Duke at paradeGuardman Dan Coghlan helped carry Prince Philip's coffin during hi...

EN HODGES: Who could put the final nail in Keir Starmer’s coffin?

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EN HODGES: Who's spreading the poison that could put the final nail in Keir Starmer's coffin? Now it's Keir Starmer's turn. After Boris's shock defeat in Chesham and Amersham, Labour is on course for another Red Wal...

The Girl in the Box beskryf die marteling van die tronk in 'n kis

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Die meisie in die boks Colleen Stan - wat in 'n kisgrootte krat gevange gehou is en vir sewe jaar verkrag is - herinner aan die marteling om in 'totale duisternis' aangehou te word en haar ontvoerder se koue dreigement om 'haar stembande te sny..

Single coffin contains bodies of father and daughter Plymouth victims

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Forever in daddy's arms: Pall bearers carry single coffin containing the bodies of father, 43, and his adopted three-year-old daughter after they were killed by Plymouth incel gunmanSophie Martyn, 3, and her father L...

Meisie, twee, killed in fire laid to rest in Peppa Pig-themed coffin

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Meisie, twee, killed in caravan fire is laid to rest in tiny Peppa Pig-themed coffin - as her heartbroken mother breaks down as she pays tribute to 'beautiful' toddler with poemHundreds of mourners gathered outside a ch...

Foto van Kim Kardashian by Met Gala het gehelp om saak van gesteelde kis op te los

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Hoe HIERDIE Met Gala-foto van Kim Kardashian gehelp het om die saak van 'n geplunderde $4MILJOEN-skat op te los: Podcast reveals how viral snap of the star led to return of 1st century BC coffin of Nedjemankh to EgyptAncient coffin p...

Troubles veteran’s regiment ‘refuses to let soldiers carry coffin

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The final betrayal: Fury as Troubles veteran Dennis Hutchings's regiment 'refuses to let soldiers carry his coffin'Top military brass allegedly blocked a request to carry Dennis Hutchings's coffin The family of the ...

Troubles veteran Dennis Hutchings family demand troops carry coffin

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'Even Jimmy Savile had a military funeral': Disgusted family of Troubles veteran Dennis Hutchings demand troops carry coffin at his funeral amid growing backlash at Ministry of Defence for refusing the honourFamily o...

Soldiers WILL carry Dennis Hutchingscoffin in MoD U-turn

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Soldiers WILL carry Troubles veteran Dennis Hutchings' coffin at his funeral after MoD caves in to pressureDennis Hutchings' coffin can now be carried by serving soldiers, the MoD said The U-turn came last night when...

Shane Warne se kis in die Australiese vlag gedrapeer toe die reis huis toe begin

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Shane Warne se kis in die Australiese vlag gedrapeer toe die reis huis toe begin: Shane Warne se kis in die Australiese vlag gedrapeer toe die reis huis toe begin.

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