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Scientists urge Imperial College not to cancel founder Thomas Huxley

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Imperial College scientists urge university not to cancel founding father Thomas Huxley as they say charges of 'scientific racism' against him are 'false'Imperial College London is examining links with founding fathe...

Winchester College apologises over abuse of boys at Christian club

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Winchester College bosses apologise over abuse of boys at Christian club 'cult'Winchester College apologised for allowing a barrister to abuse pupils in the 70s John Smyth QC was given 'unfettered' access to boys by ...

Male pupil, 18, found dead at Malvern College

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Male pupil, 18, found dead at Malvern College as elite £39,000-a-year boarding school which counts Sir Chris Witty and Jeremy Paxman among its alumni says the death is the 'most heart-breaking news imaginable' An 18-...

King’s College London refuses to remove Hong Kong honour

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King's College London refuses to remove its honour for Hong Kong's hardline justice secretary despite an appeal from its own academicsKing's College has refused to remove college fellowship for Teresa Cheng She is b...

College student reveals how she shed 100LBS after blood clot

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Obese college student who struggled with her weight for years reveals how she lost a staggering 100LBS after nearly DYING from a blood clot in her uterus that was the 'size of a baseball'Lori Odegaard, 24, said she d...

City College professor finds box stuffed with $180,000 cash donation

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Physics professor at City College in Harlem discovers box stuffed with $180,000 cash donation that had been left in the school's mailroom for a YEAR sent from an anonymous donorCity College professor Dr Vinod Menon f...

Eton refuses to let Netflix film The Crown at the college

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Eton refuses to let Netflix film The Crown at the college ahead of new series looking at breakdown of Charles and Diana's marriageEton College in Windsor, Berkshire, said it wanted 'nothing to do' with The Crown Netf...

College which threw party on same day as No10 bash faces prosecution

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College which threw a Christmas party on the same day as Downing Street bash faces prosecution after staff member died of Covid days laterBurnley College has been investigated for nearly a year over Christmas parties...

La principessa Eugenie condivide le foto durante il ritorno al Marlborough College

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La principessa Eugenie condivide la foto del passato dei suoi giorni di scuola mentre torna al Marlborough College per discutere del suo collettivo anti-schiavitùPrincipessa Eugenie, 31, ha visitato la sua vecchia scuola Marlborough College la scorsa settimana Royal J...

Il preside del Christ Church College di Oxford paragona la sua situazione all'Olocausto

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Il decano del Christ Church College di Oxford, che è stato sospeso per le accuse di molestie sessuali, suscita indignazione paragonando la sua situazione alle vittime dell'Olocausto..

Jesus College accused of ‘woke-washing

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Cambridge University's Jesus College which accepted cash from a Beijing tech giant is accused of 'woke-washing' after returning a colonial statue to NigeriaJesus College returned 'Benin bronze' to Nigeria looted more...

A Vietnamese airline tycoon has paid £155m to rename an Oxford college

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What WILL Oxford's blue stockings say about the red stockings? A Vietnamese airline tycoon has paid £155m to rename a college. But wait for the turbulence when the woke mob see the uniforms that helped her fortunes s...

College football fan SNUBS his girlfriend’s kiss on national TV

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Imbarazzante! Moment young woman goes in for the kiss at college football game - only to be SNUBBED: But her boyfriend insists it was an 'in-joke' between them bothA Wake Forest fan appeared to reject a girl’s kiss during...

Oxford’s Linacre college to be named after airline billionairess

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What price on history? Oxford's Linacre College ditches its name honouring renowned 15th scholar in favour of airline billionairess after she hands it £155millionLinacre College will become Thao College after the bil...

Imperial College slammed over report suggesting building be renamed

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Professor slams Imperial College London over university’s ‘astonishing’ move to consult students about cancelling eminent biologist Thomas Henry Huxley because of an 1865 essay now dismissed as ‘scientific racism’Imp...

Cambridge college breaks 350-year tradition with women choristers

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St John’s College at Cambridge University breaks 350-year-old tradition by allowing women and girls to become choristers St John’s College, Cambridge, broke 350-year tradition with women choristers It will be the on...